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Executive Director Message

It is a privilege to welcome you to the exceptional Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM). If Maine is the way that life should be, then it is equally true that MSSM is the way that secondary education should be. Set amidst the bucolic and rolling hills of an historically close farming community in Northern Maine, MSSM provides the space and freedom in which motivated and hard working young scholars from across the State and indeed, across the world, can intellectually grow together, follow their dreams, explore and push the boundaries of knowledge, and develop the ethically based leadership and collaborative skills sufficient to successfully and purposefully navigate an increasingly complex world environment.

If our students are remarkable, then the faculty and staff in support of their dreams and aspirations are equally so. Dedicated, experienced, thoughtful, energetic, creative, caring, and equally curious about the advancement of knowledge, they are the guides and mentors that symbiotically allow our students to collaboratively and safely explore and develop their true life changing passions and potential.

With bright skies, breathtaking views of the heavens at night, MSSM is a close knit school community where academics really do come first. If you are interested in joining our family and sharing in our journey to the future, please consider exploring our website further, or better still, coming and talking to us about how you can become an integral part of this unique educational experience.