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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program consists of courses in Drawing, Watercolor and Basic Design. It also has Art History, Acadian and French Canadian Folklore as well as Greek Humanism.

Drawing and Basic Design are foundation courses that build the rudiments of drawing and design in a step by step process that builds basic skills and introduces the student to a variety of mediums from graphite to ink, chalk, conté, and charcoal. Basic Design also includes color and the fundamentals and principles of good design.

Art History I is a course in the history of sculpture, architecture and painting from prehistoric to the late middle ages. The class is image oriented with examples of art from the western tradition.

Art History II continues from the Renaissance to modern art with a larger emphasis on painting and individual artists.

Acadian and French-Canadian Folklore is a course on the history and cultures of tow colonies of New France. Acadia (from the Canadian Maritime provinces) and Québec. It deals with music, stories, superstitions, furniture, architecture, medicine, cuisine and costume. I emphasizes how the two colonies differ and how the culture adapted to North America and how it was influenced by the Natives.

Greek Humanism is a study of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. The history is accented with drama, sculpture, architecture, philosophy, and mythology. How is has become the foundation of western culture is why we study this sixty year age.

Fine Arts

  • Acadian Culture and History
  • Art History
  • Basic Design
  • Chorus
  • Drawing
  • Watercolor

The MSSM music program is dedicated to helping students explore the arts. We currently offer String Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Chorus.

Students perform regularly for charity events, sports, pep rallies as well as special events throughout the school year. We also connect students with the community by performing with local groups such as UMPI band and Northern Maine Chamber Society. In addition, MSSM currently offers theater club, visual arts, a cappella and dance club!


  • Small Instrumental Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Introduction to Theatre


In this course students will gain skills in one or more of the following areas: page design, advanced publishing techniques, copywriting, editing and photography while producing a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. Participants gain useful, real world skills in time management, marketing, teamwork, and design principles.

  • Yearbook

The Art & Craft of Fiction Writing

In this semester-long course, grounded in Janet Burroway’s foundational text Writing Fiction and supplemented by Marjorie Sandor’s anthology The Uncanny Reader¸ we will explore the art and craft of telling both traditional and unexpected tales.

  • The Art & Craft of Fiction Writing

Fine Art Faculty

Mr. J. Donald Cyr

Fine Arts, Social Science

Mr. Andrew Parker

Residential Life, Fine Arts

Mr. Andrew Sullivan

Fine Arts
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