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MSSM Parents Association Welcome

August 1, 2016

Greetings to all new and returning MSSM families!

The summer is drawing to a close as we approach the beginning of a new year at MSSM. The Parents’ Association (MSSM PA) enters this year with a new Executive Committee (EC) excited to build upon the previous work that has been done by our past ECs and parent volunteers. It brings to mind the popular quote of Isaac Newton: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” I do see great possibilities for not only continuing their great works, but a responsibility to expand upon and keep reaching higher.

We, the parents, along with the students, faculty and staff are integral to the process of strengthening and enlivening our community. As a group we actually span the globe in terms of geography, but we share a common core which is our students and the unique experience that MSSM provides. Each member of the MSSM PA is empowered to help shape that very experience, not only for their own student, but for future students.

I welcome each of you to join in the community through the many opportunities the MSSM PA provides. To list but a few:

  • In October, during Parent’s Weekend we will be holding an MSSM PA meeting. We will be discussing some key issues, opportunities and voting on items such as our By-Laws.
  • We have an active Facebook group that is open to members of the MSSM PA. You can find us by following this link and requesting to join:

  • We will be holding regional parent meetings throughout the state this year, which is a relaxed opportunity to connect with both new and returning families.
  • Many more opportunities and information will be found this Fall on our website:

In addition, we, the Executive Committee (EC), are always open to hear from you on a more personal level. Below are the names and contact information for each of the MSSM PA Executive Committee. Please feel free to contact any one of us if you have any questions, comments or wisecracks.

Tom Gilley, President

North Yarmouth

Donna Foster, Vice-president


Darlene Michaud, Treasurer


Wendy Zwecker, Secretary


Stuart Whitman, MSSM Foundation Rep


So, where do we go from here? As I have said the future is bright, the limits are only set by our own willingness to jump in and start the process. My dream is to see parents, faculty, staff and students engaged in a building process knitted together by communication, passion and a bit of fun. To quote another famous scientist and sage “Be bold!”

Best wishes for a smooth transition to school for you and your students.

Tom Gilley

MSSM PA President

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