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ResLife Blog

It's graduation weekend at MSSM and the atmosphere is both joyful and somber. Many students are relieved to be done with school for the year and several have already moved out. However, for the seniors, the mood is a little different. The seniors must contend with leaving the place that has raised them into the excellent young people they are, and many of their friends will be left behind at MSSM for another year. It's understandably bittersweet for those seniors as they move on to their next adventures. It is often easy for students to see the graduating class and think about all the irreplaceable community members in that class. It is worth remembering, however, that every senior was once an underclassman. Younger students will fill the shoes of their older peers and then some. As we approach graduation and the official end of the year, it's worth reflecting on the qualities of those you will miss and think about how to carry those qualities yourself.

We're back from February break and that means we've just completed the longest, coldest stretch at MSSM––what some people call "the dark ages". Now, though, things are looking up. With only three weeks to go before the next break, students are busy but in good spirits. Progress reports release tomorrow, and many students have tests or projects due next week that they can be seen completing and preparing for. Next weekend is Parents Weekend, and many students are looking forward to that. The weekend also includes an SAT test date, an MSSM Board of Trustees meeting, and the yearly meeting of the MSSM Parent's Association. There's lots to do, and students are ready to do it!

J-Term has left us and the spring semester is already underway. However, J-Term didn't leave without a proper send off. The last weekend of J-Term was filled with events and activities for students to participate in, including reduced admission to the LCS basketball games, a student run soccer tournament, and a Mario Kart tournament with prizes from the RIs. Students also played board games, walked to Mike's Market, and generally enjoyed themselves before buckling down for the spring semester. Now that the spring semester is here though, students are handling it well. All of the students who were off campus for J-Term returned, and the community feels complete with everyone together again. Although I will miss J-Term, the spring semester so far has been great, and I wish everyone the best of luck in the next semester.

MSSM Blog Archive



There's snow on the ground and that means midterm exams are almost upon the MSSM students. Although this is one of the shortest stretches in the school year, students are staying busy and preparing for their exams. You can feel the energy in the air, the mix of excitement that the semester is almost over and the dread of the midterms (although they're honestly not that bad). Plenty of fun activities have been planned to help students de-stress in the week before midterms. The C-wings are planning a joint Christmas party, with a secret santa organized by yours truly. Student Senate is writing a "practice final" that will be filled with "quirky" questions to lighten the mood before Study Day on Sunday. On Study Day, all students will be required to be on campus from 12:30-4:30 and some will be required to be in the Learning Center for a focused study environment. After Study Day, students will participate in a traditionally excellent holiday dinner and will work hard preparing for the three days of midterms to come (it's like the twelve days of Christmas but with tests instead of presents). Here's to hoping I and everyone else will do well on their midterms!

Next up: Nathaniel Ferguson (writer and blog enthusiast) reveals his secret recipe for dorm ramen. Critics have called the ramen "excellent", "truly superior", "unparalleled", and "edible".

The first weekend of October was quite possibly one of the busiest weekends at MSSM so far. Many seniors took SATs on Saturday, and immediately following the SATs was the first annual meeting of the MSSM Board of Trustees. Student Senate President Scott Gilley represented the students in his first meeting as a voting member of the Board. The Board discussed a wide variety of mildy boring topics, but strategic planning was a key focus of the meeting. On Sunday, students set about completing the large piles of homework that they had accumulated over the week in preparation for progress report grades closing on the 7th.

Nathaniel Ferguson '17, ResLife Blogger

'90's Weekend

90s Weekend wrapped up the end of September here at MSSM, hosted and planned by the Res Life staff. The weekend kicked off on Friday with 90s Jeopardy in the lower lounge, followed by a 90s movie in the gym. Saturday started off right with 90s cartoons from 7-11am, and was followed at 1 by 90s TV shows in the Upper Dorms and 90s games at the Manor. Finally, a 90s dance featured at 7pm to round out the night, complete with 90s snacks and foods, and DJed by our excellent Annette Mubang and Alyssa Arminian. On Sunday, there was a Bob Ross painting session from 1pm-3pm to wind down from an excellent weekend. Throughout the weekend, there were plenty of costumes. good times, and high spirits at MSSM. Thanks again to the Res Life staff who planned and put it all together!

Nathaniel Ferguson, '17

Interview with Trey Cox, 4th Year Senior

This week I sat down to interview Trey Cox, 4th year senior and RA of Lower C. My questions are in bold.

So, as a 4th year senior you've probably picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Could you share some?

Don't take yourself too seriously, or anyone around you, because they don't think about you all the time, even if you might.

What's the biggest change from your first year to this one, with yourself?

I don't know really. I've just changed a lot. From my work ethic to what I find appealing in a friend, to what I like doing in my spare time, it's all changed pretty dramatically since I was a freshman.... four years was around a quarter of my life.

How does the atmosphere manage to stay the same even if the people change?

I think it's because of the priorities of the students that come here. The students come here because they want to learn, and teachers move here because they want to teach, not just because it's a good place to raise a family or anything like that. I think it's that drive that keeps people going. The school seems to attract the same kinds of people, like, the same personalities and social groups are the same as my first year even if the people change.

What's your favorite part about MSSM?

My friends, both the people that I know and are on good terms with that I'd call my friends, and the people that I'd go to if I have a problem, or the people who know my secrets. I think all the people that I would call my friends are important to keeping MSSM the place that it is.

What's your least favorite part about MSSM?

People taking themselves too seriously. Both teachers that think they're the center of the universe and students who know they're the center of the universe (or the other way around).

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Getting into college, not being stressed about college, and having fun with my last year with my friends.

What's the best story you have?

I've been called the same nickname twice for different reasons. Once my first year, I was trying to cook popcorn, and I put it in for a set amount of time instead of listening for the pops to stop. Unfortunately, the recommended time on it was for a low powered microwave. It took about a week for the smell to clear, and people called me "Smokey" the whole time. Two years later, I got a bad cold, and an entirely different group of people started calling me "Smokey"

What do people get wrong about you?

They think I can't cook popcorn

What do people get right about you?

Uh... Can we come back to that one? [note: we never did]

When you're not in classes, what are you most likely doing?

Hanging out with my friends, doing homework, or playing League

What would you say to someone who's not sure about going here?

Um, I wouldn't recommend coming if you're extremely reliant on your parents. That being said, as long as you're willing to put in the effort to get a good education, this is an excellent place to be.



A light snow welcomed our two new RI staff members to the MSSM family. The transition of these new RIs has been very smooth and they have received a warm welcome from the students, if not the weather.

Along with the copious number of assignments, students have found themselves busy with other activities. The Youth in Government trip was a success bringing 17 students to Augusta for the weekend-long conference. They came back just in time for the monthly bout of sickness.

In better news, the Limestone pool has reopened with plenty of open swim hours available for MSSM students. Swim team will be taking advantage of this facility when their season begins after the Thanksgiving break.

MSSM basketball season has begun with games

{pictures to follow}. As for skiing, Mrs. Stackhouse is tirelessly working out the details of our team and we plan to be competing against other Aroostook County schools in Nordic skiing once we have snow.

3 days and counting; families enjoy your time together and stuff your faces!

This weekend there was a very different atmosphere at MSSM from last weekend which was Parent Conference Weekend. This weekend brought Halloween, which, at MSSM, holds a number of fun traditions. Rather than one night of fun overload, we had our Halloween spread over the course of two nights. Friday brought the Halloween dance and costume parade. Staff and students who had been auctioned off to be dressed up for the dance by Prom committee last weekend were a part of the parade, as were a number of other students.

The evening had a celebratory atmosphere despite Halloween not being until the next day. Saturday brought students to the lower lounge where various people were taking advantage of the TV to show scary or Halloween themed movies for most the the day. After dinner, many groups of students dressed up again in order to go trick-or-treating. A popular destination for trick-or-treating MSSMers is Trafton Avenue, the street where many of our teachers and administrators live. The Trafton residents are quite welcoming of the MSSM crowd on Halloween night, sometimes even having separate MSSM supplies of treats, which occasionally vary from the norm - for example, this year tea bags were available at one house (thoroughly appreciated by the MSSMers, though the young children out there might not have felt the same way had it been offered to them), while last year one teacher offered model planes.

As the evening went on, there was also a campfire at which Mr. McCartney, one of our beloved English teachers, read a few stories as we ate s'mores. The final event of the night was the annual viewing of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the lower lounge. Some of our fellow students and staff were kind enough to provide us with large amounts of cupcakes and ice cream for intermission, while others provided the usual commentary during the movie. Halloween was, as always at MSSM, a grand and fun event.

However, for one section of the student body, there was another atmosphere in the dorms this weekend. For many seniors, November first marked the deadline for Early Action/Early Decision college applications. Being away from home for this deadline can sometimes make it a stressful event, as emails and phone calls pass back and forth among the students, parents, and our college counselor and final issues with applications need to be sorted out. We hope that everyone got their applications in on time!


A Message From MSSM's Student Senate

Dear members of the MSSM community,

The MSSM Student Senate is planning on refurbishing the dormitory's outdoor fire pit area within the next few years. This area will transform from a few picnic tables scattered around a metal fire ring into an amphitheater style gathering center with flagstone groundwork, wooden benches, and a new raised cement fire pit ring. The area is projected to have seating enough for thirty people, with room for chairs to be brought in. Trees and bushes will also be added around the perimeter to stop wind from driving people back inside. The new fire pit can be utilized by summer camps, classes, educator weeks, and students during milder months. However, in order to do all this, Student Senate still needs to raise $15,000. Donations will be able to made online by the next academic year through the foundation. If you would like more information or are a contractor and believe that your services could be of help, please email

Thank you

MSSM Student Senate

Swimming and Chess

Weekends at the MSSM have had many fun events! Mainly, there was an in-pool movie. Jaws! Also, there was a snow-fort building competition behind the gym. So many people enjoyed this, that another one is being held.

As many of you have probably heard, MSSM students competed in the state chess tournament this past weekend. Congratulations to the Championship division team who tied for second place, and to the Reserve division team who tied for third! Individually, congratulations to all members; George Spahn, David Chen, Ivan Zembrusky, Brennan Lane, Gordon McCulloh, Bethany Humphrey, Hui Kennedy, and Ben Schade. George has been invited to the individuals tournament on March 22. Good luck and good job!

Finally, thank you to all students who took part in volunteering this weekend!


Since getting back, MSSM has been filled with many busy students! Due to the late date of Thanksgiving, there were two weeks for this last unit, giving one in preparation and another for finals. Even so, the dorms have still been a fun, relaxing place.

On Friday we got Amato's care packages, and on Saturday there was sugar cookie decorating in the lounge. The main event this weekend was on Sunday. Preceded by the "primal scream" (it's a nice de-stressor) organized by student senate in the lower lounge, everyone in the Dorm dressed up for the annual Holiday Dinner (see pictures below)! Afterwards, B-wing tried to organize a dressed-up wing photo, but many people had already changed!

And now we're here, about to go home yet again! This short break can be taken as both the shortest and the longest in some ways, but we've made it! Congratulations to all students on finishing their midterms! I hope all students enjoy their break and come back ready to go, because we'll be jumping right into J-term! We will be back in three weeks, and for those of you doing internships or going to the Bahamas, have fun and we'll see you in five!

This weekend at the MSSM, we held our 6th annual Medieval Feast! Led by Magister McCartney, all students participated on Saturday in a day of medieval classes.

These classes were Glas Bendyng, Archery, Herbology, Medieval Childhood, Mathematical Gems, Boffer, The Art of Illumination ad Egg Tempura, Medieval Textile, Ballad Writing, and Music and Dance. Some classes were two hours, while others were one, and all were followed by the Feast!

After everything, the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights was played in the dorms. See below for pictures of the day and of Mr. McCartney's British Literature class!

Students will be getting on the bus this Saturday to go home for Thanksgiving break, a full week! Have a great break everyone!

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