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Soccer Game on October 25 2020

Although Sunday, October 25th, was cold with a breeze, there was no rain and MSSM White vs. Blue was able to battle it out. It was a good game with many shots taken and most blocked by keepers Myles Benica & Benji Gilman. Only a few shots made it through and the final score was 3-1 Blue.

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Weekends at MSSM

Apart from bike rides to Loring AFB, there are always other things going on at MSSM. Two students were flying dual-line kits and Senora Carson had an arts and crafts bag making workshop.

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MSSM Astronomy

MSSM Astronomy I students had the high privilege and the distinguished honor of meeting with one of the founding fathers of modern American astronomical education in the last half century. Dr. Jay Pasachoff, from the faculty of Williams College, held at length with 6 Astronomy I students along with 2 invited students during the regular Astronomy I classroom meeting Tuesday.

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Penguin Day

On Monday, September 14th, MSSM had a "Penguin Day". Students slept late, had breakfast in the dorm, and were able to relax. These days usually happen once a semester in the middle to give students a day off. Some take the time to catch up, others simply do nothing. There are late afternoon events and activities, but no classes in the morning.

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MSSM Senior Ride to Loring

MSSM Seniors Lydian, Conner, and Martin spent this past Saturday afternoon (September 12) on a bicycle tour of the former Loring Air Force Base. While there they visited MSSM's first dorm buildings, learned about Loring's very important role in the Cold War, checked out nose-dock and arch hangers, saw the site of two "Phish" concerts, and watched "land-boats" racing down the former main runway. (Reports that they cycled headlong down the parallel taxiway and then had a snack stop on the ramp by the former alert facility can be neither confirmed nor denied.)

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