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Book Club Sparks Joy

Book Club Sparks Joy

On Wednesday, November 29th, the MSSM Book Club had the pleasure of reading some wonderful books to the students at Limestone Community School (LCS) Learning Center. Our selections included "The Invisible Boy" by Trudy Ludwig, "Margaret's Unicorn" by Briony May Smith, and "Ten Beautiful Things" by Molly Beth Griffin, beautifully illustrated by Maribel Lechuga.

Our mission was clear: to inspire these young readers through engaging stories and captivating illustrations. It was heartwarming to witness the enthusiasm of the LCS students as our high school students read these tales to them.

This event was such a success that we are already planning to repeat it in the spring and for years to come. We extend our gratitude to LCS for welcoming us, and we commend our dedicated book club members for making this a memorable experience for all.