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Maine Math Leagues

Maine Math Leagues

MSSM's participation in the Maine Association of Math Leagues (MAML) underscores our commitment to fostering fair yet challenging competitions and promoting mathematics education. As our school's name suggests, our involvement in MAML is a natural fit.

At MSSM, we field three teams, each distinguished by a color name. Currently, our Ivory team proudly holds the #1 rank in Maine with an impressive total of 612 points, while our Emerald team secures the #7 position with 472 points, and our Crimson team is in a tie for #26 with 284 points. The MAML competition calendar comprises five regional meets running from October to March, each hosted at a different school. Our recent hosting of the November 1st meet included three other local schools, making for a spirited and competitive event. Each meet consists of six sessions, with the first four requiring students to solve problems without calculators. The final session encourages teamwork and discussion among participants.

MAML encourages problem-solving skills through creative and analytical thinking, applying mathematics to real-world challenges beyond regular homework and classwork. It provides high achievers like our students with an opportunity to grapple with complex concepts and explore math in a broader context. Moreover, MAML fosters teamwork, facilitating collaboration and interpersonal development among participants. The camaraderie that emerges when like-minded students come together to collectively tackle mathematical problems is an added benefit.

We take pride in our affiliation with the Maine Association of Math Leagues and look forward to continued success in STEM competitions.