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MSSM Family Feud Triumph

MSSM Family Feud Triumph

The MSSM student senate recently orchestrated an exhilarating Family Feud night in the auditorium, infusing our school atmosphere with the spirit of the beloved ABC/CBS game show. In this special event, senior Josh Smith took on the role of Steve Harvey, bringing an extra layer of authenticity and humor to the evening. Teams comprised of students enthusiastically participated, embodying the game's format where families compete by guessing the most popular responses to audience survey questions.

Throughout the evening, the energy was palpable as teams battled it out with their quick thinking and strategic choices. The competition reached a peak when the question about Cinderella was posed, asking for associations with the iconic character. Responses varied from "midnight" to "mice," "fairy godmother," "prince charming," and the top answer, "glass slippers." These answers reflected not only the students' familiarity with the tale but also their ability to tap into the collective consciousness.

The winning team, Lower A-Pes, stood out for their exceptional teamwork and sharp intuition, ultimately claiming victory in this spirited contest. This Family Feud night was more than just a game; it was a celebration of community, showcasing the camaraderie, intellectual agility, and the lively spirit of MSSM students. It was an evening that not only entertained but also strengthened the bonds within our school community, highlighting the unique blend of fun and learning that characterizes our institution.