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MSSM Field Trip

MSSM Field Trip

Last Saturday, October 28th, students and staff from MSSM embarked on an exciting field trip to the University of Maine's Alfond Stadium to witness a thrilling clash between the UMaine Black Bears and the UAlbany Great Danes in football. While the Black Bears faced a tough 37-21 loss, the day was anything but a downer.

The MSSM community came together to create an unforgettable tailgating experience. We'd like to extend a massive shoutout to the MSSM Parents' Association, the MSSM Foundation, and Residential Life for their incredible support in making this day possible.
Tailgating at Alfond Stadium was a blast, with a wide array of delicious food, friendly faces, and exciting games to keep everyone entertained. It was a perfect opportunity for MSSM students to relax, enjoy some downtime, and build lasting memories with their peers.

Even though the Black Bears didn't emerge victorious on the field, the MSSM trip was a touchdown in terms of creating cherished moments and fostering a strong sense of community. This is just one example of the unique experiences that MSSM offers to its academically motivated students. We look forward to more exciting adventures in the future, both in and out of the classroom. Join us, and be part of something special at MSSM!

MSSM Students and Parent sitting and eating during the tailgate party
MSSM Students playing cornhole during the tailgate party
MSSM students and parents in line for food at the tailgate party
MSSM student and paretn cooking hotdogs on a griddle during the tailgate party.
Distant photo of the Harold Alfond arena at UMaine.
Photo of the scoreboard at the Alfond arena with a welcome to MSSM on it