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MSSM Milestones

MSSM Milestones

There are so many things to celebrate at MSSM and I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful School! From our rigorous academics to our vibrant residential life program, MSSM is an intentional learning community where students are welcomed as they are and encouraged to challenge themselves in the classroom and beyond. For nearly 30 years, we’ve provided a transformative experience for students and consistently graduated outstanding young men and women who have gone on to be leaders in STEM and other fields.

Just as we watch our students grow during their time at MSSM, this is also an exciting time of development for the School. We have the opportunity to recognize the changes in education, demographics, and economics and the unique opportunities these changes create for MSSM. While remaining grounded in our founding principles, we are looking strategically at our future and ensuring that we position the School to continue to serve our students well. 

I have enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with many - parents, alumni, students, employees, friends - and I look forward to many more conversations about our School and your experience with MSSM. These conversations will inform the work of our dedicated Board of Trustees and the School’s Leadership Team as we identify key priorities and develop the strategies to help us realize those priorities. I’m excited for this work, and confident that MSSM will remain a learning community we recognize at its core while also reflecting the unique opportunities of today and being a School ready for the challenges of tomorrow.