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Penguins, Pizza Pie, Portland

Penguins, Pizza Pie, Portland

On Saturday, January 27th, the MSSM Penguins embarked on an exciting journey from Limestone to Portland, showcasing not only their enthusiasm for basketball but also their love of traveling. The air buzzed with anticipation as the students left Limestone in the early morning. Their destination: a thrilling basketball showdown featuring the Maine Celtics, the NBA G League affiliate of the renowned Boston Celtics. Arriving in Portland, the group made their way to the Portland Pie Company for an early dinner, mingling and sharing their excitement over delicious meals.

The highlight of the trip was experiencing the electrifying atmosphere of the Portland Expo. The Maine Celtics, fresh off a triumphant win against the Cleveland Chargers (108-88), battled valiantly but faced a narrow defeat on Saturday, with a score of 110-103. Despite the loss, the spirit and energy of the game left an indelible mark on the students.

In a smart move to manage costs, the students stayed with parents in the area, a practical decision reflecting MSSM's commitment to providing enriching experiences while being mindful of expenses. This thoughtful approach ensured that the trip was accessible to all students, regardless of their financial backgrounds. The trip was made possible by MSSM Residential Life and the Parents' Association.

As the weekend wrapped up, the MSSM Penguins returned to Limestone, carrying with them memories of a thrilling sports experience and the camaraderie of shared adventures. This trip was not just about basketball; it was a testament to MSSM's dedication to offering diverse, outside-the-classroom experiences that contribute to the well-rounded development of its high-achieving students.


Group shot of MSSM students standing in the bleachers during the Portland Celtics game.