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Published Penguins

Published Penguins

At the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM), our commitment to fostering academic excellence and creative acumen is unwavering. This dedication is exemplified by the recent achievements of three of our own: Ariella, Charlie, and Hannah, who have transcended the traditional boundaries of high school achievement by becoming published authors while still navigating their high school journey. Equally talented beyond math and science, our students consistently demonstrate their versatility, excelling in varied fields from the arts to athletics, embodying a holistic approach to success and personal development.

The Telling Room, a renowned platform dedicated to nurturing young writers across Maine, has recognized the exceptional talents of these three students. Ariella, Charlie, and Hannah were selected from a vast pool of participants for inclusion in the annual anthology. This anthology showcases the best young writers in Maine, making their selection a testament to their outstanding literary skills and creativity.

Furthermore, all MSSM students who participated in the spring 2023 and spring 2024 creative writing projects will have their works published in the MSSM anthology. This compilation, featuring a blend of memoir and poetry, will be available for sale, offering a tangible testament to our students' literary achievements.

To celebrate these accomplishments, MSSM is planning a launch party in the lower lounge after spring break. This event will not only honor our published authors but also inspire our community by showcasing the profound impact of dedication, creativity, and academic pursuit.

The achievements of these published penguins exemplify the essence of the MSSM experience: pushing boundaries, achieving excellence, and preparing for a future where their contributions can make a significant impact. Their success is a beacon for current and prospective students, illuminating the path to not just academic excellence but also to making meaningful contributions to the broader world.

The anthology should be available for purchase soon.


Stack of book showing the titles
MSSM students participating in the Telling Room