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Senior Send-Off Weekend

Senior Send-Off Weekend

The final full weekend before finals and graduation at MSSM was a memorable mix of fun and relaxation, giving students a chance to unwind before the intensity of exam week. Festivities began on Friday night with the championship match in intramural futsal, a thrilling game that showcased the athletic talent and team spirit of our students. Following the match, everyone gathered around a campfire to enjoy S'mores, providing a cozy and delicious end to the evening.

Saturday morning started with a special brunch for seniors in the Learning Commons. This event was a chance for the graduating class to come together and celebrate their achievements over a leisurely meal. After brunch, the seniors moved to the LCS gym, where they enjoyed a range of inflatable bouncy houses, bringing out the childlike joy and camaraderie among them.

The highlight of the weekend was Saturday afternoon's dunk tank event outside the gym. Students took turns trying to dunk Athletics Director Dakota Gendreau, Executive Director Rob Constantine, and some brave seniors. This activity was a hit, drawing laughter and cheers from the crowd.

Sunday was designated as a study day, allowing students to prepare for the upcoming finals. This week, students will tackle their exams, with finals concluding on Friday, followed by a Board of Trustees meeting. The culmination of all these events will be the Graduation ceremony on Saturday, marking the end of an unforgettable chapter for our seniors.