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Weekends at MSSM

Weekends at MSSM

At the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM), weekends are anything but ordinary. Our students know how to balance their studies with exciting activities that make the most of their free time.

One popular weekend pastime is heading to the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) to catch a thrilling basketball game. Cheering for the home team and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere is a great way to unwind. For those who crave outdoor adventures, Big Rock in Mars Hill is the place to be. Our students hit the slopes, showcasing their skiing skills, while others take to the hills for tubing and sledding at Quoggy Jo, adding a dash of winter fun to their weekends.

MSSM isn't all about sports; we also have intellectual pursuits. Chess tournaments in the dorms provide a cerebral challenge, allowing students to test their strategic thinking.

Lastly, as the intramural basketball season kicks off, it's an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their basketball prowess and foster camaraderie.

At MSSM, weekends are a balanced blend of sports, academics, and fun. Join us, and experience these exciting weekends for yourself!

MSSM students tubing at Quoggy Jo in Presque Isle
MSSM students on the slopes in Mars Hill Maine.
Group photo of students getting ready to go skiing
MSSM students at a college basketball game
MSSM students playing basketball in the dorm gym
MSSM students playing chess in the dorm lounge
MSSM students taking a break during the tubing event at Quoggy Jo.
MSSM students getting ready to ski Bick Rock