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A Space Story

A Space Story

Maine State Representative Edward J. Polewarczyk (R-Wiscasset) made a special visit to MSSM for an out-of-this-world presentation! But hold on, this wasn't a political event. We dove into the fascinating world of space exploration and NASA engineering!

Edward Polewarczyk shared his incredible career with the MSSM community on October 18. He joined the Space Shuttle team back in 1974, and from there, his career took off like a rocket. In 2004, he assumed the role of Director of Orbiter Production and Operations, a crucial position, especially in the wake of the Columbia disaster in 2003.

During his presentation, we had the chance to hear all about what it's like to be part of a shuttle launch, the breathtaking orbits around our planet, astronaut experiences, and the incredible support system that keeps these missions running smoothly. Our students are known for their curiosity, and they were ready with plenty of questions for Representative Polewarczyk.

Before the hour-long presentation, Rep. and Mrs. Polewarczyk were given a tour of MSSM and also met with the leadership team, faculty, and student senate.