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Grand Falls

Grand Falls

We had a recent adventure to Grand Falls, Canada, where our students got to experience the thrill of Zip Zag ziplining on September 3rd. Led by Ms. Havens and Mr. Gendreau, a group of 10 students crossed the border for an unforgettable day packed with adrenaline and camaraderie.

This excursion served as a living classroom. Aside from the sheer fun, students also indirectly learned about physics, engineering, and even a bit of geography. Ziplining at breathtaking heights provided our students with unique perspectives—both literally and metaphorically. Everyone returned with smiles, unforgettable memories, and a renewed sense of adventure that we believe is vital for holistic education. 

Stay tuned for more enriching and exciting field trips designed to challenge our students both academically and personally. We remain committed to providing experiences that shape well-rounded individuals ready to face the future's challenges. If you are interested in MSSM, get your passport now. We take advantage of the proximity of our northern neighbors.