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MSSM Chill Day!

MSSM Chill Day!

Question: What happens if you give a penguin an ice cube?
Answer: You get a chill day!

Today is officially a "Chill Day" on campus, and  our penguins are all excited for some well-deserved downtime. We've observed the intense pace of academic life here, and even with a break right around the corner, we felt a breather was needed today to catch up on work, relax, and have some fun.

This morning, faculty will be available for office hours to address any academic questions or to assist you with your coursework. It's an excellent opportunity to make progress on assignments or simply to deepen your understanding of the subjects you're passionate about. Remember, being proactive in your learning journey always pays off.

In the afternoon, gear up for some old-fashioned roller-skating fun! We've booked the entire rink, so get ready to skate your worries away. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a wobbly first-timer, the rink is all ours to enjoy.

Yesterday included no Structured Study, dodgeball in the gym, a trip to the Wildlife Refuge to explore the bunkers and flora, an ice cream bar at dinner, Shrinky Dinks in the lower lounge, and "Open Cabs" where staff drove students anywhere they wanted to go around the area.