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Physics in Motion

Physics in Motion

SCI340 Algebra-Based Physics is a comprehensive year-long course that delves deeply into the intricacies of the physical world using a mathematically rigorous approach. The curriculum is divided over two semesters. The first semester addresses mechanics, waves and sounds, fluids, and thermodynamics. The subsequent semester focuses on electricity, magnetism, optics, and select topics from modern physics.

In addition to the theoretical components, the course places a strong emphasis on practical application and understanding. Weekly labs are designed to bolster the concepts discussed in lectures. They also provide students a glimpse into the scientific method, particularly the importance of precise measurement and error analysis.

A notable activity involves students graphing acceleration, velocity, and position of a moving object. Under the guidance of Mr. Katsman, they then engage in data analysis, refining the gathered information to ensure accuracy. The culmination of this lab activity is a comprehensive report, wherein students detail their findings and reflections.