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Maine School of Science and Mathematics


Portrait of a Graduate

MSSM’s mission is to create educated citizen-leaders who will benefit their communities in the state of Maine and beyond. At MSSM, you will share many experiences with your classmates, building strong personal bonds that will last long after your graduation. This Portrait describes the values that the school holds dear and that we as a community hope that you will learn to appreciate and respect as you engage in the MSSM experience. By your graduation, you will:


Gain a depth of knowledge in many subjects, and you will gain skills in discovery, analysis, and critical thinking, enabling you to be an effective problem solver. You will learn how to articulate your conclusions in spoken and written communications, enabling you to effectively convey your thoughts for the benefit of others.


Appreciate the immense power and sense of accomplishment that come from persistence, and from the development of a curious and creative mind. You will seek challenges every day from which you will gain self-confidence and the ability to face adversity.


Understand your strengths and your weaknesses, and you will assume full responsibility for your words and your deeds. This self-awareness will enable you to be considerate as you encounter differences and challenges faced by others.


Learn the value of active participation in community building. You will come to appreciate that each individual can contribute to shared objectives in different ways through innovation, collaboration, and leadership, and that the coming together of these different skills makes for a more effective and robust community.


Graduate from MSSM with a sense of purpose that shapes your goals and guides your life decisions. Your MSSM experience will give you unique advantages and opportunities. You understand the importance of giving back to others, including people and communities who have enabled your success.


This definition was established in a community-wide process in the Spring of 2020, involving the active engagement of the students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and the Board of Trustees of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics.

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