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MSSM Chicken J-Term

The Maine School of Science and Mathematics J-Term class "Backyard Chickens" is a unique and hands-on experience for students. The class is designed to teach students the ins and outs of chicken biology and how to keep chickens healthy and happy. The students are involved in the process of hatching baby chicks, taking care of them, and designing a chicken coop that will remain on campus. Each student is responsible for two chicks, giving them a personal and practical understanding of animal husbandry and agriculture. Each chick has a colored tag on their foot to differentiate them.

One of the main objectives of the class is to design a coop that will provide a safe and comfortable living space for the chickens. The students work together to create a coop that is not only functional but also sustainable and in line with permaculture principles. The group is now talking to a lumber and building dealer to procure the materials. The end result is a coop where the chickens can live happily ever after.

The hands-on approach of the class allows students to gain practical experience and knowledge that is not possible in a traditional classroom setting. It is a unique and valuable experience that provides students with a deeper understanding of the care and rearing of chickens.

Erin Dulac giving a presentation to her J-Term class
Student holding a baby chicken in their hands

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