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The students are back on campus after a 3-week winter vacation and we're excited to kick off our January Term, also known as J-Term. During the next two weeks, students will have the opportunity to take unique and engaging classes, both on and off campus. Off-campus trips include excursions to the Dominican Republic and California. Many of the juniors and seniors are doing internships and off-campus research.

On-campus classes include "Loving Winter in Limestone," "Blacksmithing," "Japanese Culture," "Stop Motion Animation," "Organic Chemistry," "Melody is Dead," and "Backyard Chickens." J-Term is a great chance for students to explore new interests and gain new experiences.

After classes, the Residential Life Staff have a number of activities planned such as making stress balls, watching college football, floor hockey, knitting, Caribou trips, night skiing, board games, and much more.

J-Term is an innovative ten-day program that provides students with the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a particular course or project. It offers something of interest for everyone and is an excellent way for students to pursue personal passions and explore intellectual and academic curiosities.
Stop Motion Animation.
Niko in Organic Chemistry.
Students in the Japan culture class had a chopsticks challenge.
Dhruv shreds in %22Melody is Dead%22.
Lochlan and Dylan get ready to Love Winter in Limestone.
Maeve works hard in Blacksmithing.
Aryan doing his internship at Cary Medical.