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Academic News

Deborah F. McGann

Greetings from MSSM and beyond!

I am working from home this morning and settling into new routines as most of you are as well. I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we have put together plans for remote learning while recognizing many potential challenges we may face as much of the world turns to technology to stay connected.

Look for a google survey from me to inquire about your internet and device capabilities. If you don't respond to the survey, I will be following up with a phone call as I want to be in touch with each of you now that you are settled away from MSSM. I also encourage you to check with your local cellular and broadband providers as many are offering discounted services for families who have students in school. Your local school may also have information about what is available in your area.

Next week I will send out a revised schedule of classes starting April 6. Meanwhile, you may begin to receive google invites from some of your instructors as we have asked them all to send you invites by the end of this week so that you can plan accordingly. Basically we have spread your classes out over two day cycles so that you will have lots of breaks from screen time. There will be an option to connect virtually and by phone if necessary.

Here is hoping you use these next two weeks to get lots of rest and fresh air. I plan to exchange my commuting time for walks with my dog Millie. This is a win for her.

Deborah F. McGann | Dean of Faculty

25 Year Gala

25 Year Gala at the Holiday Inn by the Bay Portland, Maine June 20, 2020
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