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English and Fine Arts

English classing sitting in a circle having a discussion.


Learn to Write from Published Authors.

English and Fine Arts may not be on the sign at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, but it is at the heart of the MSSM academic program. In the English and Fine Arts Department, students learn the critical thinking skills essential for any mathematician, scientist, or scholar.

As students progress through the MSSM English program, the department offers a wide range of course offerings in literature, including AP Language and Composition, Indigenous Literature, African American Literature, British Literature, American Literature, and special topics courses in creative writing, fantasy and science fiction.

Fine Arts

MSSM understands the importance of a well-rounded educational program. Engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, have a significant cross over with visual and performing artists. Whether you are an advanced pianist or an amateur painter, MSSM students learn from practicing musicians and artists. Courses range from Art History to 3D Animation, Design to Drawing. Established and aspiring artists will find a place at MSSM.

Available Classes


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Social Science & World Languages

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Social Science & World Languages