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Dual Enrollment & Advanced Placement

Many MSSM courses are college level and beyond. Students must meet prerequisites in order to register for AP classes. These prerequisites vary from class to class (refer to the course catalog). Any student taking an AP class must take the AP exam for that class.

      • AP Calculus AB
      • AP Calculus BC
      • AP Chemistry
      • AP English Language and Composition
      • AP Physics C
      • AP Psychology
      • AP Statistics
      • AP US History

University of Maine at Presque Isle Credit

Under a Partnership Agreement with the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI), MSSM students may receive college credit for many of their MSSM classes. An MSSM student who wishes to receive UMPI credit for an MSSM course must be matriculated and deemed eligible for any relevant coursework according to MSSM's placement procedures. Please download and fill out the 2018 UMPI Form.

Student Enrollment
At the beginning of each semester, MSSM will provide a Dual Enrollment Student/Parent Agreement Form to any student enrolled in an UMPI-approved course. Students then submit this signed form to the MSSM Registrar who forwards the document to the MSSM Business Office for invoicing and UMPI for processing. Only students who meet the admissions criteria outlined above will be eligible for inclusion on the list. Students who meet the criteria will not be registered at UMPI in order to avoid any potential confusion as to whose students they are, and whose academic/conduct policies govern them.

Reporting of Grades
The instructor of each UMPI-approved course will submit their grades to MSSM by the regular deadline established by MSSM. Within seven business days of that deadline, the MSSM Registrar will report the grades of each student enrolled in each UMPI-approved course to the UMPI Registrar.

MSSM students wishing to receive transcripts of their UMPI credits may do so by submitting a Transcript Request to the UMPI Registrar’s Office.

Leaves of Absence/Withdrawals
MSSM will notify the UMPI Registrar in writing if it grants a leave of absence to a student enrolled in an UMPI-approved course. The student will receive a “W” on their UMPI transcript for that course.

MSSM will notify the UMPI Registrar in writing if a student withdraws from an UMPI-approved course. If the student does so prior to MSSM’s deadline for withdrawing from a class, then the UMPI Registrar will not enter a grade for the course. If the student does so after MSSM’s deadline, then the UMPI Registrar will assign a “W” for the course.

Financial Considerations
Each student seeking to receive UMPI credit for an UMPI-approved course taught at MSSM will pay $15 per credit hour to UMPI through the MSSM business office. Aside from this fee, UMPI will charge no further fees.

MSSM Courses for UMPI College Credit

Full Year Courses:

  • Biological Processes and Research BIO 112 (4) and BIO 113 (4)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (two semesters) BIO 261 (4) and BIO 262 (4)
  • Victoria’s Literature ENG 356 (3)
  • Literary Studies:African American Literature ENG 378 (3)
  • Economics (two semesters) ECO 207 (3)
  • US History HTY 161 (3) and HTY 162 (3)
  • Before Calculus AB MAT 121 (4) and MAT 117 (3)
  • Before Calculus BC MAT 121 (4) and MAT 117 (3)
  • Accelerated Before Calculus BC MAT 121 (4) and MAT 117 (3)
  • Accelerated Advanced Math MAT 117 (3)
  • Accelerated AP Statistics MAT 201 (3) and MAT 202 (3)
  • Español I: Beginning Level SPA 101 (3)
  • Español II: Intermediate Level SPA 101 (3) and 102 (3)

Full Year AP Courses

  • AP Chemistry CHY 111 (4) and CHY 122 (4)
  • AP Composition ENG 101 (3)
  • AP Calculus AB MAT 131 (4)
  • AP Calculus BC MAT 131 (4) and MAT 132 (4)
  • AP Statistics MAT 201 (3)
  • AP Physics C PHY 153 (4) and PHY 154 (4)
  • AP Psychology PSY 100 (3)
  • AP European History

Half Year Courses

  • Drawing I ART 103 (3)
  • Watercolor ART 285 (3)
  • Plant Biology BIO 309 (4)
  • Applied Genetics and Biotechnology BIO 350 (4)
  • Chinese I CHI 101 (3)
  • Chinese II CHI 102 (3)
  • Early American Literature ENG 241 (3)
  • Modern American Literature ENG 242 (3)
  • First Year Seminar FYS 100 (1)
  • Accelerated AP Calculus BC MAT 132 (4)
  • Multivariable Calculus MAT 231 (4)
  • Differential Equations MAT 233 (4)
  • Linear Algebra MAT 274 (3)
  • Introduction to Higher Mathematics MAT 251 (3)
  • US Government POS 101 (3)

University of New England (UNE) Transfer Partnership Program

In this partner program, MSSM students who earn college credit with Maine School of Science and Mathematics Advanced Placement (AP) courses and transfer credits from University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) get a head start on a bachelor’s degree at the University of New England.

By completing designated AP and UMPI courses students receive priority consideration for admission and merit scholarships to enter with sophomore standing at the University of New England. The information that follows is taken directly from the UNE Partnership Program flyer.

Qualifying scores necessary to receive credit for advanced placement are recommended by the academic departments and are approved by the University Registrar. They are treated as transfer credit in accordance with the following table.