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Experiential Academics


J-Term (January Term) is an innovative ten-day program that provides students with the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a particular course or project. It offers something of interest for everyone and is an excellent way for students to pursue personal passions and explore intellectual and academic curiosities.

There are three options for J-Term: In-depth and fascinating on-campus courses, organized trips, or participation in an internship.

  • On-Campus offerings vary from the arts, to mathematics, to engineering, to organic chemistry to name a few areas.
  • Trips include genetics research at The Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor and the Bigelow Lab for Ocean Sciences in Boothbay Harbor.
  • Internships provide yet another option for students. Participants are paired with mentors in a job-shadow environment. This allows these students to delve into the areas of their own choosing from diverse fields such as medical, research, engineering, education, law etc. Thus one of the strongest features of J-Term is that it allows students the opportunity to customize and shape their experience.


MSSM J-Term 2022

Past J-Term Offerings

J-Term 2022

Organic Chemistry
2D Drawing and Animation
Combinatorics in Game Theory
Critical Cage Match  Spongebob Versus the World
Debate Madness  Current Issues and Rhetoric
Día de los Muertos  The Day of the Dead
Fluid Mechanics
Learning to Love Winter in Limestone
The Making of the Atomic Bomb