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The mission of the MSSM Science Department is to provide a challenging core curriculum in the areas of biology, chemistry, and physics. Diverse electives are also offered to cultivate and sustain individual student interests. The synergy between our core and elective classes allows for a depth of inquiry and breadth of discovery that prepares students for the successful study of science at the college level, and for careers in science, medicine, and engineering. The overarching values of the MSSM Science Department are as follows: have students actively doing science, offering courses with breadth and depth of topic coverage which challenge students, and reinforcing connections among mathematics, the sciences, and humanities.

In our department you can:

    • Learn science from professional practicing scientists.
    • Dissect an assortment of organisms and organs.
    • Create glow-in-the-dark bacteria.
    • Perform DNA restriction analysis, electrophoresis, and PCR.
    • Use computer integrated and interfaced lab stations.
    • Grow hydroponic fruits and vegetables for the cafeteria
    • Learn to use sophisticated analytical lab equipment.
    • Learn to communicate effectively in the language of science, both in writing and orally.
    • Help blow things up and torture gummi bears.
    • Conduct computational research on large data-sets.
    • Play with slinkies, study forces on a rotating chair, and shoot projectiles -- all in the name of physics.
    • Learn the physics behind real world phenomena.
    • Synthesize smelly organic compounds.
    • Watch a lunar eclipse in your pj's.

Courses Offered:

NOT all classes offered every year

Science Faculty

Dr. Richard Barrans

Dr. Richard Barrans

Physics Instructor
B.A., Natural Sciences, Johns Hopkins Univeristy
M.Ed, Secondary Education, John Carroll University
Ph.D., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Mr. Lawrence Berz

Mr. Lawrence Berz

Astronomy Instructor
B.A., History, Stanford University
Mr. David Dougan

Mr. David Dougan

Chemistry Instructor, Chemical Hygiene Officer
B.A., Biochemistry, Colby College
M.Sc., Molecular Biology, York University
Public Health Industrial Hygiene, University of Massachusetts
Dr. Debbie Eustis-Grandy

Dr. Debbie Eustis-Grandy

Science Department Chair, Biology Instructor
B.S., Environmental Studies, University of Maine Fort Kent
M.S., Ecology, University of Connecticut
Ph.D., Ecology, University of Connecticut
Dr. Anders Gårdestig

Dr. Anders Gårdestig

Physics Instructor, Computer Science Instructor
M.Sc., Engineering Physics, Uppsala University
Ph.D., Nuclear Physics, Uppsala University
Mrs. Deborah McGann

Mrs. Deborah McGann

Dean of Faculty, Science Instructor
B.S., Foods and Nutrition, University of Maine
M.S., Food Science, University of Maine
Mrs. Tracy Meyer

Mrs. Tracy Meyer

Chemistry Instructor
B.S., Chemistry, Texas State University
M.S., Chemistry, Texas State University