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We appreciate the academic standards Maine schools have set and can see the fantastic job nurturing young talent they have done. But occasionally there are students who seem to go beyond the curriculum, seeking academic challenges that might be hard to provide. MSSM could be a natural next step for those students. We're not looking to take away academic stars, but to give some of the brightest students a telescope to look further.

MSSM can act as an extension of the mission specifically for students who are academically motivated and might be seeking challenges beyond the traditional high school curriculum. We look for students who are always seeking more challenges, perhaps even pushing the boundaries of what the curriculum offers. While it's wonderful to have such high achievers, it can also be challenging to continually meet their academic needs.

That's where MSSM comes in. We offer those academically motivated  students a path further into their academic horizon. Our curriculum is designed to engage students at a higher level, in smaller classes, enabling them to delve deeply into subjects that interest them. The students who choose MSSM often find that they're finally in a place that satisfies their insatiable curiosity. Many of our students have a wrinkle in their educational profile and say they have 'found their people' after visiting the campus.

We see ourselves as partners in a student's educational journey. For those who are ready to take the leap, MSSM can be the platform that launches them to greater academic and, eventually, professional success. We like to think of it as a collaborative effort for the betterment of Maine's young minds.

Students standing in the academic building hallway

Admission Staff

Ryan McDonald

Ryan McDonald

Director of Admission, Summer Camp Director
Janet Scott

Janet Scott

Admissions Associate

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