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Fireside Chat

Hi Folks! Normally this time of year I would be out visiting your schools throughout the state of Maine. Due to circumstances that is not possible. We are introducing the new normal of sharing the vision of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. I will be hosting a series of fireside chats that cover a plethora of topics twice a week.(Tuesday, Thursday) I hope you have as much fun watching these short vignettes as much as we have making them. A special shout out to Ryan McDonald as the shows producer. We promise no more than five minutes of your time!

Finale (12/15/2020)

Town (12/10/2020)

Student Stories Yawen (12/8/2020)

Sociology (12/3/2020)

Student Stories Jack (12/1/2020)

Student Stories Noah (11/19/20)

Music at MSSM (11/17/20)

Two Club Spotlight (11/12/20)

Summer Camp (11/10/20)

Academic Support (11/5/20)

Weekend Activities (11/3/20)

Technology in the Classroom (10/29/20)

Dorm Life (10/27/20)

Student Stories Elise (10/22/20)

RAs (10/20/20)

Awards (10/15/20)

BoT (10/13/20)

Nature Walk (10/8/20)

English & STEM (10/6/20)

Hybrid Learning (10/2/20)

Outside the classroom (9/30/20)

Admissions (9/28/20)

Parents' Association (9/25/20)

Athletics (9/23/2020)

Math Team (9/21/20

Dining Hall (9/18/20)

College Counseling (9/16/2020)

Clubs (9/14/2020)

Social Distancing (9/11/2020)

Orientation & Field Day (9/9/2020)