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What makes MSSM unique?

Academic Rigor MSSM offers a level of academic rigor that's often comparable to a college experience. With small class sizes and a fast-paced curriculum, students are pushed to not only meet but exceed their educational potential. Courses are designed to be challenging and thought-provoking, catering to those who seek an intellectually stimulating environment. Intellectual discourse is actively fostered in the classroom.

Selective Admissions Our school employs a selective admissions process, aiming to attract the most academically motivated students from across Maine and beyond. This ensures a peer environment where everyone is focused and driven, elevating the academic discourse and overall school culture.

Residential Experience Unlike most high schools, MSSM is a residential school. This adds a layer of independence and responsibility that prepares students for life beyond academics. Living on campus also fosters a close-knit community where students can collaborate, share ideas, and form friendships that last a lifetime.

High-Achievers with Unique Profiles Many of our students come with a "wrinkle" in their educational profile. They are high-achievers who often find that their local schools don't fully meet their academic or intellectual needs. MSSM provides these students with the resources, courses, and community that they need to thrive, serving as an outlet for their boundless curiosity and drive.

Cutting-Edge Facilities MSSM provides students with facilities that are on par with higher educational institutions. This equips them with the tools they need to delve deep into research, conduct experiments, and engage in experiential learning. Students acquire hands-on laboratory competencies in science courses.

Diverse Extracurricular Activities While academics are the cornerstone, MSSM doesn't ignore the value of well-roundedness. The school offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities that cater to various interests, whether it's the arts, sports, or technology. These activities not only enrich the student experience but also provide avenues for personal growth and leadership.

Each of these points contributes to making MSSM a unique educational institution, offering more than just a high school degree but a comprehensive experience that prepares students for future success.