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MSSM on the Road

Due to COVID-19, the Office of Admission will be conducting a variety of methods to share the vision of the MSSM experience. It may be at your school whenever possible, it could be in your library, a meeting room at a university, or even at an outdoor venue such as your town's public park with social distancing and best practices for keeping all safe at any and all events. At the very least we will host virtual sessions with students and staff while allowing you the opportunity to ask your questions. Please check back here often for updates!

Date Range
June 2021
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, May 30
Mon, May 31
Tue, Jun 1
Wed, Jun 2
Thu, Jun 3
Fri, Jun 4
Sat, Jun 5
Sun, Jun 6
Mon, Jun 7
Tue, Jun 8
Wed, Jun 9
Thu, Jun 10
Fri, Jun 11
Sat, Jun 12
Sun, Jun 13
Mon, Jun 14
Tue, Jun 15
Wed, Jun 16
Thu, Jun 17
Fri, Jun 18
Sat, Jun 19
Sun, Jun 20
Mon, Jun 21
Tue, Jun 22
Wed, Jun 23
Thu, Jun 24
Fri, Jun 25
Sat, Jun 26
Sun, Jun 27
Mon, Jun 28
Tue, Jun 29
Wed, Jun 30
Thu, Jul 1
Fri, Jul 2
Sat, Jul 3