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MSSM Alumni are extraordinary. Starting with the “Pioneer Class” of 1996 and continuing with our most recent graduates, MSSM Alumni continue to challenge themselves and build lives and careers outside the ordinary. MSSM Alumni can be found making an impact in almost every field, from advanced aeronautics to academia, finance to renewable energy, environmental engineering to health care, politics to video game design. MSSM alumni are also a close-knit group with a unique shared experience and a bond that breaks down barriers.

Kineo Wallace ‘13, lead propulsion and fluids engineer at Vaya Space and the inventor of the Supercritical Oxygen Expander Cycle Hybrid Rocket Engine.

"MSSM is 100% a major reason as to why I am who I am today. MSSM taught me how to fail, how to learn from that failure, and most of all how to learn. Because of MSSM I was able to spend less time during my first years of college learning this which afforded me the ability to do many different research projects and studies with my professors which ultimately leads me to where I am today as a lead engineer."-Kineo Wallace ‘13

Alumni Association

The mission of the MSSM Alumni Association is to connect alumni to each other and to the MSSM community. We believe that MSSM is more than just a school, and our alumni are more than just people who have walked through our doors. We are a unique community of lifelong friends, confidants, and peers. To spend time in Limestone is to find a place in our family, and just like any family, our alumni have a wide range of interests, careers, and lifestyles, but we stay connected both in the real world and online. We hope that you will continue to be a part of our community, which boasts over one thousand members. The MSSM Alumni Association aims to host several gatherings around the state and across the country each year, and we also engage in many other projects, including networking amongst each other, providing mentoring to current students and recent graduates, and much more. If you want to know more or be involved in planning or helping with an event or project, please contact the Alumni Association at

President: Gretchen Pineo ‘97
Vice-President: Jason Dark ‘04
Alumni Member of the Board of Trustees: Trey Cox ‘17
Alumni Association Representative to the Foundation: Kristina Yurko ‘08

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