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Campus Life

When you come to MSSM you will find a small, close-knit residential community where students are comfortable being themselves and where dedicated staff offer support outside the classroom. The residential program offers and encourages students to participate in organized activities, such as clubs, athletics and numerous outdoor activities.

MSSM has one dormitory that serve both male and female students. The main dorm is divided into five separate wings, each wing devoted to either males or females. Within each wing there are 2 -3 small community lounges. The wings are connected by two large common areas where students of both genders can socialize. In addition to the MSSM's exceptional academic program, community life plays an important role in students' development by providing experiences that will last a lifetime. All students and faculty play an active role in maintaining and improving the MSSM community where students live, learn, and lead.

The diversity of student interests encourages participation in a variety of clubs and activities. Students have access to a full kitchen where they are often seen cooking and baking. There is a connecting gym that offers both indoor games as well as table games such as pool and ping pong. The gym also provides several practice rooms for music that includes two pianos. Two centrally located laundry rooms comfortably meet the needs of our students. Students, through work job assignments, help maintain the common areas and facilities.

At MSSM, our residential life program seeks to make each student feel a part of the community and for MSSM to be a 'home away from home'. Please visit our MSSM Blog for more information from a student's point of view.

Best regards,
Matt Grillo
Dean of Students/Director of Residential Life

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Dorm Life

Our MSSM Residential dormitory provides a welcoming and safe home for both male and female students. All male and female students live in separate wings that are divided by common areas.

Within the dorm setting, Residential Instructors (RIs) supervise students' academic studies and social activities. RIs work with the students and the student leaders, known as Residential Advisors (RAs), to maintain a quiet and productive study environment that aids our students in meeting the demands of our rigorous academic program.

During the weekends students have a variety of options of activities to choose from. RIs are responsible for weekend supervision, dorm check-in, and provide students with fun and stimulating activity options. There is never a shortage of activities for students to participate in! To support our student's residential experience there are Residential Instructors (RIs) living in the dorm to oversee the safety and well-being of all students. They also organize and chaperone numerous activities for students outside of the classroom. The residential staff members work with the Director of Residential Life, students and the student leaders, known as Residential Advisors (RAs) to maintain a healthy environment.

The residential staff are highly skilled, caring and energetic. They come with a passion to teach and share experiences. Our instructors are involved in all aspects of student life and are available for academic and emotional support.