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Campus Life

Here at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) you will find a small, close-knit, residential community where students are comfortable being themselves and where dedicated staff offer support both within and beyond the classroom. In addition to MSSM's exceptional academic program, community life plays an important role in students' development by providing experiences that will last a lifetime. All students and staff play an active role in maintaining and improving the MSSM community where students live, learn, and lead.

MSSM’s campus is perched at the top of a hill in the small town of Limestone and the students are able to explore the town coffee shop, stores, library, parks, and local houses of worship. Everything is within close walking distance. We also have the unique position of being directly connected to miles of four season trails that are maintained for walking, biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing for the entire community.

The physical campus is made up of the dormitory, the academic building, Trafton Avenue faculty housing, and several acres of outdoor space. The dormitory is the hub of the residential program. It contains the Health Services Wing; several common areas for programming, exercise, community life, and meetings; offices for the Residential Life, Custodial, and Maintenance Teams; and residential wings that provide a home for students, Residential Instructors, and the Director of Residential Life. MSSM’s academic building which houses classrooms, main offices, the Learning Center, dining hall, auditorium, pool, greenhouse, and much more is located just up the hill and across the parking lot from the dormitory. We share this building with the Limestone Community School (K-8) and the Limestone Recreation Department. MSSM’s classrooms and offices are entirely separate, but many of the common areas are shared. Trafton Avenue runs adjacent to campus and many staff and faculty have homes there. This arrangement offers many opportunities for involvement in all aspects of life at a boarding school. Additionally, we’re blessed with rolling fields of beautiful outdoor space for athletics, campfires, flying kites, a community garden, and more.

The diversity of student interests encourages participation in a plethora of extracurricular activities such as clubs, athletics, on and off campus events and trips, plus numerous outdoor activities. There is always something going on or something new to try!

MSSM’s Health Services Wing is overseen by the Director of Health Services and is the coordination point for care of students’ physical and mental health. Students’ health is a foundation point for their success and we do everything we can to provide them with the best possible care.

Ultimately, campus life is about providing a catalyst for MSSM’s community to thrive in. Come, be a part of it, and keep up with what is going on by checking out the campus blog, So This Happened At MSSM!