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Balancing the rigorous academic load with enrichment opportunities outside the classroom is vital to student success during their time at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. MSSM offers and encourages students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that include student led clubs, competitive clubs, athletics, and outdoor activities. Additionally, residential life staff plan multiple events and trips on a weekly basis. The dormitory is often the host location for many activities such as dances, movie nights, themed weekends, and student game shows such as Jeopardy and The Roommate Game. There are plenty of weekly opportunities to get off campus as well. Students can always find something to do beyond the classroom and need only to check the Activities Calendar to find out what’s going on that day!

MSSM Clubs & Organizations

Diverse student interests have led to a wide variety of active clubs and organizations on campus. Some clubs and organizations are academic in nature, some advocate for social causes, others are competition based, and a few are just for fun. All clubs and organizations are student led with a faculty or staff advisor. Most meet at least weekly, but schedules do vary. Many are open to participation from any student, but a few do have specific requirements for joining. Offerings change from year to year.

Residential Life Programs & Activities

The Residential Life team has a broad range of personal interests and love sharing their passions with the students. Staff seek out student suggestions to give new events and programs a try. They keep a close eye on local event calendars to offer off campus trips to concerts, lectures, art presentations, and other community events when available. Most activities are held during students’ free time on the weekends, but some events do take place during the school week.

On campus events range from big hype programs like “themed” weekends when activities are planned around a central theme (most recently, 80’s weekend) to smaller more intimate gatherings like “baking night” where students can bake treats with a member of the residential life team. Bake offs, tea nights, board game nights, ping pong tournaments, Sunday football, movie nights, and afternoon Just Dance marathons are not uncommon events to see on the calendar. The swimming pool, located in the academic building, is usually available for students’ to use on a regular basis. On campus outdoor pursuits include walking, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing on beautiful four season trails. Equipment for these activities is available to sign out from the residential life office.

Nearly every week there are opportunities for students to get off campus and explore the region. We take students into Presque Isle to run errands on a weekly bus trip and there are weekly van trips into Caribou for visits to local restaurants. Depending on the season, there are trips to the local roller/ice skating rinks, bowling alley, alpine ski mountain, wildlife refuge, state park, humane society, and more! Year to year, student interest waxes and wanes and the residential team adjusts the programs to meet students’ needs.

If there is student interest and it is a feasible event/program to tackle, we’ll give it a shot! Students are encouraged to try events, trips, and programs that might be a little outside their comfort zones initially and they sometimes find new things that they love!

MSSM ice skating trip to Presque Isle.
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