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So This Happened at MSSM!

Elizabeth Pelkey

On Saturday, six of our students visited the Festival Market hosted by Micmac Farms in conjunction with the City of Caribou and the Presque Isle Farmers Market.  Students enjoyed meeting local entrepreneurs and farmers while sampling a variety of locally produced wares.  Our arms were heavy laden by the end of our visit with blueberry pie, homemade garlic pepper potato chips, handknit mittens, a variety of pickles, maple caramel corn and brittle, ethically raised pork, unique teas, smoked trout, fresh trout, and trout chowder.

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Andrew Parker

The Residential Life staff, along with our maintenance crew Tammy and Dave, put on a surprise midnight breakfast for the student body this evening.  Dough boys, cereal, monkey bread, eggs and fruit/veggie platters were spread throughout the dormitory for students to enjoy.  The dough boys, made by Mr. Matt Bartlett, Tammy Martin and Dave Martin, were the most popular item on tonight's menu.

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Gabbi Glidden

Hello MSSM Community!

The residential staff had many fun activities planned for the week following J-Term. One of these activities was a cookie party. Parents volunteered on Saturday to bring cookies and ice cream for us to share. The cookies were delicious and everyone loved it. There was a lot of different types of cookies and ice cream most of which were eaten right up.

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Mary Perez

January 14, 2019

Snacks, drinks, and MURDER! What could be more fun? We had an evening of excitement as the group of students and our guest, Mr. McCartney, acted out their roles with excellent and ridiculous accents. Scandals arose, false identities were revealed, and yet no one was able to guess the true murderer. In the end it turns out it was done for the love of family, such bonds are strong indeed.

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