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So This Happened at MSSM!

Hello MSSM Community!

This weekend, students got to participate in the Haunted Woods Walk which was hosted at the Presque Isle Nordic Heritage Center. Students had the option to either be guides who lead groups of people through the walk or to participate in some of the bigger horror scenes.

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Community Members,

Wednesday, October 4,  LifeTouch Photos will return for  those who missed the first shoot or would like a retake.  

This week begins the start of Math Competitions.  MSSM participates in two different leagues, the Maine Association of Math Leagues (MAML) and the New England Association of Math Leagues (NEAML).

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On Sept 21-23 the Res Life Team hosted an 80's Weekend. We had many great events such as an Movies in some RI apartments, Costume Contest, Dance, Human Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jeopardy, Atari Games, Rubik's Cube solving competition, playing popular board games of the 80's, Cereal Bar, and many more activities. Congratulations to Rothery for winning the 80's Costume contest.

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Hello MSSM Community!

The weather is finally getting colder, and fall is upon us. This weekend was Eighties Weekend, a themed event put on by the RIs. The events of the weekend included a costume contest, human-sized Hungry Hungry Hippos, a dance, and showings of 80s movies like E.T. There was also a well-attended Rubik’s Cube competition where the fastest finisher completed the cube in 11 seconds.

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Hello MSSM Community!

This is an important week for MSSM students because it is Student Senate election week. Twice  a year, students are invited to run for Student Senate, an organization dedicated to improving the residential and academic lives of students. In order to get nominated, students must receive fifteen signatures from other students.

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Community Members,

At week two, I see us all settling into the routines of our schedules. The add period has ended but it is still possible to drop a class without penalty.  Many returning students requested overloads (more than 2 AP’s or more than 5 core courses). To those who have extra courses and/or electives, I urge you to reflect on your number of hours of classroom obligations along with the assignments for these classes.

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Hello MSSM Community!

It’s time for the 2018-2019 school year. First-year students are settling into their routines, and classes have begun. This year, as well as the 56 new students, there are two new teachers. Dr. Eitan Pechenick is teaching math and Dr. Anders Gårdestig is teaching AP Physics C. MSSM is also welcoming its new executive director, Mr. David Pearson. 

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Hello MSSM Community!

Last weekend the MSSM Sea Perch Club competed in Bath, Maine. They sent two teams, the Emperor Penguins and the King Penguins. The Emperor Penguins placed third overall as well as tied for first place for their engineering notebook. The King Penguins placed second overall which qualified them for the national competition in Massachusetts this June.

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