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So This Happened at MSSM!

Elizabeth Pelkey

On Saturday, six of our students visited the Festival Market hosted by Micmac Farms in conjunction with the City of Caribou and the Presque Isle Farmers Market.  Students enjoyed meeting local entrepreneurs and farmers while sampling a variety of locally produced wares.  Our arms were heavy laden by the end of our visit with blueberry pie, homemade garlic pepper potato chips, handknit mittens, a variety of pickles, maple caramel corn and brittle, ethically raised pork, unique teas, smoked trout, fresh trout, and trout chowder.

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Andrew Parker

The Residential Life staff, along with our maintenance crew Tammy and Dave, put on a surprise midnight breakfast for the student body this evening.  Dough boys, cereal, monkey bread, eggs and fruit/veggie platters were spread throughout the dormitory for students to enjoy.  The dough boys, made by Mr. Matt Bartlett, Tammy Martin and Dave Martin, were the most popular item on tonight's menu.

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Gabbi Glidden

Hello MSSM Community!

The residential staff had many fun activities planned for the week following J-Term. One of these activities was a cookie party. Parents volunteered on Saturday to bring cookies and ice cream for us to share. The cookies were delicious and everyone loved it. There was a lot of different types of cookies and ice cream most of which were eaten right up.

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Mary Perez

January 14, 2019

Snacks, drinks, and MURDER! What could be more fun? We had an evening of excitement as the group of students and our guest, Mr. McCartney, acted out their roles with excellent and ridiculous accents. Scandals arose, false identities were revealed, and yet no one was able to guess the true murderer. In the end it turns out it was done for the love of family, such bonds are strong indeed.

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Deborah F. McGann

Community Members,

This past week concluded J-Term, two unique weeks of the MSSM school year. We look forward to J-Term Exhibition where students have the opportunity to see what their peers have been learning. Whether students have interned, visited research institutes, or participated in all day immersive classes here at MSSM, these two weeks have no doubt been memorable, if not life changing.

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Elizabeth Pelkey

January 16, 2019

On Wednesday afternoon we quickly and cheerfully loaded into the van, dressed for a night of skiing.  After an enjoyable ride with good laughs, a beautiful sunset, and plenty of classic rock, we arrived to find the mountain unexpectedly dark and the parking lot empty.  Unbeknownst to us, they had made a schedule change since the previous week.

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Jialan Deal

Hello MSSM Community!

During J-term, the RIs try to host fun activities for students to fill the evenings that would usually be spent doing homework. There has been meringue making, Cupcake Wars hosted by Cooking Club, and Free Rice Night hosted by the Key Club. Additionally, there have been several trips a week to ice skate or to go to Caribou or Presque Isle for dinner.

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Mitchell Bartlett

January 11, 2019

On the 11th of January, a group of students went to the Northern Lanes Bowling Alley in Presque Isle. Instead of traditional 10 pin bowling, Northern Lanes Bowling Alley offers candlepin bowling. For some of the students this was their first time candlepin bowling. As the candlepin balls are much smaller with no finger holes it took some time for them to find their groove. The students adjusted quickly and they soon started to have an exciting time. Although there were no strikes, there were quite a few spares! All in all, the kids had a good time. Everyone enjoyed a quike bite to eat at Taco Bell before heading back to campus.

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Deborah F. McGann

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. The MSSM offices were shut down for the week but we are now gearing up for J-Term and spring semester.

Rosters are now finalized for J-Term and enrollments can be viewed in Infinite Campus through portal. As there may be variation from class to class, students are encouraged to note the  J-Term Class Schedule for start times and location for class. Note that there will be morning snack in the first floor hall at approximately 10:30 each morning.

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Jialan Deal

Hello MSSM Community!

We’re almost at Christmas Break, and students are part way through their mid-year exams already. Almost everyone is looking forward to the three week Winter Break. Last Sunday was Study Day, a four hour long study session where students have to be on campus studying, either in the dorms or the Academic Building.

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Jialan Deal

Hello MSSM Community!

This week, students are signing up for their spring semester classes. There will be new courses in a variety of different departments. The science department will be offering Plant Biology next semester as well as Waves and Oscillations. Other new offerings are Topics in Software Engineering and Robotics, Combinatorics, Research Tutorial, and Differential Equations.

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Mariah Havens

December 1,2018

On Saturday, December 1st a number of students attended the 5th Annual Festival of Trees at the Northern Maine Community College. This event consisted of approximately 70 wonderfully decorated trees with gifts that are raffled off to the community. The consensus among the group was that the Harry Potter themed display was our favorite.

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Matt Bartlett

November 27, 2018

Tuesday night was a busy night on campus full of fun activities.  Students were busy playing floor hockey, outside playing in the snow, socializing, and also enjoying a nice warm cup of Hot Chocolate.  We all would like to send out a huge thank you to the Parents Association for the Hot Chocolate supplies and all of the other donations that were sent up after Thanksgiving break.  We really appreciate all of the support!

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