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Clubs and Activities

MSSM SeaPerch Team standing holding their robot.

Life at MSSM certainly doesn’t begin and end at the classroom door.

With dozens of clubs and activities to choose from, MSSM students can find multiple ways to explore interests, make friends, have fun, give back to their community, or pursue a passion – or maybe just see who can eat a head of lettuce the fastest! 

At MSSM, we want you to push yourself beyond your own expectations, and our clubs and activities provide ample opportunity!

Balancing the rigorous academic load with enrichment opportunities outside the classroom is vital to student success during their time at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics.

MSSM offers and encourages students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that include student-led clubs, competitive clubs, athletics, and outdoor activities.

MSSM Students eating full heads of lettuce during the clubs annual meeting

MSSM Clubs & Organizations

Diverse student interests have led to a wide variety of active clubs and organizations on campus. Some clubs and organizations are academic in nature (like SeaPerch Robotics or Math Team), some advocate for social causes (Girl Up, Environmental Club), others are competition based (Vex Robotics, D&D), and a few are just for fun (Go ahead, look up Lettuce Club). All clubs and organizations are student led with a faculty or staff advisor helping to guide the group. And with the interests and passions of MSSM students changing and evolving each year, you could even start a club of your own!

Health Services

MSSM’s Health Services Wing is overseen by the Director of Health Services and is the coordination point for care of students’ physical and mental health. Students’ health is a foundation point for their success and we do everything we can to provide them with the best possible care.

Health Services


MSSM students don’t just distinguish themselves in the classroom, they do so on the court, field, and trails as well. MSSM offers opportunities to take part in athletics all three seasons. For students, athletics are a great way to challenge yourself, relieve stress, make friends, or even just try something new!


Dorm Life

The community at MSSM is what truly separates our experience from traditional secondary education. Classmates, mentors, and friends live together as  part of an extraordinary community of learners, nurturing, challenging, and supporting each other in formation of the full student.

Dorm Life