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MSSM Foundation Student Aid Program

MSSM is tuition-free for Maine students, and the school is also able to provide generous financial aid to families who qualify. The MSSM Foundation, however, recognizes that the cost of room and board, travel, and weekend activities may put a strain on some families.

The MSSM Foundation – a 501(c)3 dedicated to supporting MSSM staff and students – has launched the MSSM Foundation Student Aid Program to help promote equity and improve access to an MSSM education.

Each student who applies and qualifies will receive a $500 award directly into their student account.

These funds, deposited at the start of the school year, can be used by students and families to pay balances, make purchases at the school, cover the costs of materials, supplies, standardized testing, etc. Families should be sure to open a MyKidsSpending program through the school (contact MSSM’s Business Office if you have questions about creating your student account). This program is meant to improve the experience of MSSM students and supplement – not supplant – existing financial aid.

The MSSM Foundation was deliberate in making the barriers of entry into this program as low as possible. To qualify for the MSSM Foundation Student Aid Program, a family/student must first complete the school’s financial aid process and qualify to receive financial aid.  A student/family can then complete the MSSM Foundation Student Aid Program application.

Click Here to Complete Your Application

Students will be able to re-apply each year they are at MSSM. A re-application will need to include a short paragraph describing how funds received the previous year were used.

The MSSM Foundation will continue to offer this program as funds allow and will re-evaluate the amount of the award each year. If you have any questions, please contact

If you would like to contribute to the MSSM Foundation to support programs like this, please click below.

Two MSSM students participating in an honors chemistry lab class

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