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Extracurricular Activities

Students can always find something to do that is relaxing, fun and entertaining. With the gym located within the dorm, students find it convenient to play basketball, have an indoor soccer game and enjoy table games such as; pool, ping pong, and foosball.

The residence hall has a large lounge that is centrally located, allowing for a variety of weekend activities that include big screen TV, video games, and dances, along with areas to read and relax. Adjacent to the lounge is a full service kitchen where students can enjoy making a meal and socializing.

Each weekend a variety of activities and trips are made available. Students have an opportunity to visit the local mall, go hiking, and attend area concerts and cultural events (dog sled racing is a one of the more popular). They have access to the area's ice skating arena and rock climbing wall in Presque Isle. Throughout the year students enjoy holiday activities, semi-formals, prom, theater performances, international events and special holiday dinners.

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