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2023 Classes

Extracting DNA

You will have the opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of genetics by extracting DNA from a fruit, such as a strawberry. Using common household ingredients and just a few simple steps, you will learn how to isolate and extract DNA, unlocking the mysteries of this fundamental building block of life. This hands-on approach to molecular biology will allow you to explore the inner workings of cells and gain a deeper understanding of the role DNA plays in shaping our world. Get ready to unleash your inner scientist and explore the wonders of DNA extraction!

Crime scene investigation

Are you intrigued by the world of forensic science and crime investigation? In Crime Scene Investigations, you will get the chance to work with a team to document evidence, analyze clues and possibly solve a crime. Together you will learn about the science behind forensics and develop critical thinking skills to piece together a crime scene. So, come ready to investigate and unravel the mysteries that await you!

Parts & Pieces

Campers will research, disassemble and reverse engineer electronic junk. After the dust settles, they will have produced an informative presentation describing everything there is to know about their gadgets. Gizmos slated for destruction may range from cell phones to entire computers.

Computer Programming

An introduction to computer programming using a language called Processing. Campers will be guided through the design and creation of an interactive application using tricky geometry and simple graphics. What will we make? That’s up to you!

Calc You Later: A Journey Through Derivatives and Integrals

We are going to blast through calculus in a week! In this whirlwind tour of mathematics, we are going to take a few functions and learn how to take limits, derivatives and integrals. Don’t know what those are? You will at the end of the week!

Stop Motion

Description coming soon

3D Printing

Campers will learn the best strategies for designing 3D models that can be 3D printed. This course will include use of Tinkercad, as well as SculptGL, which is like modeling clay on your computer. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Welcome to Mars

Campers will assume the roles of colonists on a mission to terraform Mars and build a habitable base. Working together on the same world in a modified version of Minecraft, they will become specialists as they solve problems to bring food, oxygen and shelter to their colony. Along the way, they will learn about the characteristics of the Red Planet that may help or hinder their mission, as well as Earth's current Mars exploration.


Description coming soon


The return of the hands-on, interactive discovery approach investigation of model rocketry along with personalized applications. Special emphasis placed upon rocket design and engineering, construction, instrument making, experimenting, team-building, launch skills.

City Constructors

Campers will learn how cities grow over time: how they deal with certain geographical obstacles, how to successfully place pieces of infrastructure, and how they make themselves livable for their inhabitants. Campers will take this knowledge and create their own collaborative cities using cardboard and other materials, competing with other classes to design the best city possible!

Limestone Delenda Est

Campers will learn about ancient warfare: techniques, types of soldiers, famous battles, formations - the whole gamut of sword and shield battle! Campers will take this new knowledge and craft armies of their own design, being required to fill out the ranks of infantries, cavalries, auxiliaries, and other key features of a pre-modern armed force. Finally, campers will face off against each other, pitting their forces one-on-one in epic combat - only one army will survive!

You Can Do the Cube

We will look at the math behind the cube, the algorithms, and you will learn how to solve the cube! Then students will choose a mosaic for the class to work on and by the end of the course we will have made a large mosaic made entirely from Rubik’s cubes!

Mechanical Mayhem

Using the VEX Robotics ecosystem, students will learn various mechanical principles and simple machines. Topics will include projectile motion with catapults, pendulums, linkages, and more.

Math Art (with Andy)

Math Art is ½ math class, ½ art class. We’re going to spend a lot of time coloring, painting, and creating; and plenty of time crunching numbers, and evaluating equations. We’re going to look at how math influences art, and how art ties back into math. By seeing math through a more creative lens, we can see how beautiful it really is. We’ll use painting, sculpting and all sorts of art projects to learn about statistics, calculus and trigonometry!

Flying High (with Andy)

In Flying High, we’ll look to the skies to learn about physics, mechanics and aerodynamics. Everyday we’ll look at a new creature, machine, or vehicle to learn about how they’re able to fly and then take on a building challenge to try and recreate them for ourselves. Over the course of the week, we’ll build everything from kites to paper airplanes!

Let's Get Chemical!

Have you ever wondered what everything is made up of? Or what reactions happen by mixing two things together? Well you've found the right class. We will be exploring the topic of chemistry, from what an atom is to the applications of reactions, featuring slime, crystal formation, pH exploration, and more!

Science Behind Art

What many may not know is how much science truly goes into art, from color theory to how certain colors are made both physically and digitally. We will be diving into the theory of color, its applications, and different art mediums and forms throughout the week. Get ready to explore the world through full color!

20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Capstone Weeks ONLY - Pending Pool Availability

71 percent of the Earth is water. We haven’t even discovered everything on land yet, but there are armies of robots and vehicles exploring the surface of the Earth that lie below the waves. While Elon Musk and Patrick Stewart turn to space as the final frontier, our world’s oceans offer immense resources right at our fingertips if we can find them. In this class we will dive deep into the field of underwater vehicles: submarines, ROVs and more. We will first look at the physics of the ocean and the constraints it places on underwater exploration; then explore mechanics and mechanisms that allow engineers to overcome these restrictions; before finally designing, building and deploying our own underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).