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Affording Summer Camp

This year, more than ever, the financial impact on families all over Maine has been astounding. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our daily lives. During a normal summer camp season, each week is typically filled with 110 overnight campers, along with a number of local day campers. This year, state mandates and safety protocols have limited our camp size to 55 overnight campers per week. This has resulted in a drastic reduction in funding availability, which includes our financial aid, gift certificates, and scholarship opportunities. That being said, we do have limited financial aid and some scholarship opportunities available.

Please see the Frequently Asked Question below for more information.


Are there full scholarships available?
At this time, we do not offer full tuition scholarship opportunities. Scholarship funding is based on donations received from outside sources. Since some restrictions may apply, award amounts vary.

What is the difference between financial aid and scholarships?
Financial Aid is based on need and determined using the State of Maine Reduced and

Free Lunch Income Guidelines. Income eligibility documentation is required.

What are the possible award amounts?
Our full financial aid amount is $350 and partial financial aid amount is $200. Financial aid is only awarded once, either full or partial aid. A scholarship award along with Financial Aid may be possible, but is not guaranteed. We are not able to offer award amounts for full tuition at this time. The $100 non-refundable deposit is required.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Once your Summer Camp application has been submitted and the $100 non-refundable deposit has been paid, the Financial Aid Application will become visible under your account. Please be sure to submit income verification along with your application in order to ensure timely processing.

How do I apply for scholarships?
Contact us directly via email at to inquire about available scholarship opportunities might be available. Please note that some scholarships may require your camper to submit an essay.

What happens after I apply for scholarships?
You will receive an email or phone call notifying you of your award. Once your camper is on-campus, they will be asked to write a short note, signed with their first name only and a photo taken by camp staff, thanking the scholarship sponsor.

Financial aid and/or scholarship awards are not redeemable for cash. In the event of a cancellation or refund, any financial aid and/or scholarship award is voided.