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Summer Camp Blog

Packing List, Bus Schedule

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Final blog!
Alyssa Sinclair


It’s Wacky Wednesday! The girls went all out and did their hair and created outfits that are definitely wacky! The girls are bringing their creativity to the classrooms as well!

Calculus in a week: Holy smokes!: The girls continued woking on limits and how the work in functions!

How Healthy is Your Forest?: The girls looked at the Forest Insect and Disease Condition report for June 27, 2019. They looked at towns all over the state and learned about problematic insects or diseases affecting the trees.

Eclipse Explorations: The girls learned about Skyglow (Brightness in the sky due to light pollution) and talked about how it affects the Earth.

Put a Spark in It: The girls continued to work on their motors to get their fans working!

Origami in the 21st Century: The girls continue to make new pieces of Origami and learn about the practice!

Wildlife Illustrations: The girls continue to work on their drawing, and drew a few still-lifes, including one of a photo of a sunset and a tree.

Constructive Chaos: The girls continue working on their bridges!

Thursday & Friday!

The end of the week is near! The girls have been working hard to finish their projects and creations and the end of Friday, and the celebration of learning nears!

Thursday was monster night, where there were 23 different monster made up of staff, teachers, and 2-weeker students that had challenges and games for the kids to complete! The winning group had 17 signatures!

Friday is the last day of classes, along with the celebration of learning, packing time, and Penguin’s Got Talent!

This summer has been one for the books, and we are so thankful for the amazing staff, teachers, and kids that made this summer incredible! See you next summer!!

It’s girl’s week 2
Alyssa Sinclair

It’s girl’s week 2, and the last week of summer camp, and things are off to a great start!


Origami in the 21st Century: The girls began to learn the basics of origami.

Wildlife Illustrations: The girls tested different drawing pencils and began drawing with their non-dominant hand. They did a blind drawing of a person next to them.

Let’s Make a Sciensterpiece!: The girls made their own plastic out of milk and vinegar, and a wax-resist painting! They also made their own paper.

Constructive Chaos: The girls began testing the materials for the bridges and figuring out how they break and how to make them stronger.

3D Printing: The girls learned how to use the 3D Printing program and began their designs.

How Healthy is Your Forest?: The girls learned how to use the dichotomy guide and went outside to identify some trees!

Moneyball: The girls learned some basics about statistics, and went outside and plated GaGa Ball, and tracked statistics on that.

Just Launch It: The girls learned how to launch from the big catapult!

Paper Circuits: The girls began to design their ideas for their paper circuit!

For activities tonight, there are things like swimming and the Penguin Olympics!


Happy Tuesday! Lots of very exciting things happening today! Some of the afternoon activities include tie-dye and the Mega 100-foot waterslide!

Wildlife Illustrations: The girls began doing still-life drawings! They first did a water bottle, and then they did animal skulls: One group did a Ram, and the other did a White-tailed Deer.

Let’s Make a Scienster-Piece: The girls made their pendulum paintings today!

Eclipse Explorations: The girls were able. To video chat with Lil Costello, an MSSM alumni and a member of the Air Force, and Daniel Dow, also MSSM alum, but also summer camp alum and used to teach at summer camp! They talked about space and looked at photos of the eclipse that occurred a few years ago.

Constructive Chaos: The girls began building their bridges!

Calculus in a week: Holy Smokes!: The girls began learning about limits, and got a little history lesson about Loring Air Force Base!

How Healthy Is Your Forest?: The class went on a trip to Trafton Lake in Limestone to investigate some natural phenomena that occurs!

Lift Off: The girls went up to the baseball field for a rocket launch!

Last week of classes in girls week 1!
Alyssa Sinclair

Today is the last week of classes in girls week 1!

Constructive Chaos: The girls weight tested their bridges, and both teams were able to hold a steady amount of bricks and a new measurement called “the Mia”.

Intro to Circuitry: The girls were finishing up their uno projects and seeing if they could get them to work with the computer program.

LEGO Robotics: The girls put the finishing touches on their robots!

Electronic Fabrics and Fibers: The girls are making detailed flowers of their choice!

Let’s Make A Sciensterpiece!: The girls were making paintings with their fingerprints!

You can do the Cube: The class finished their 600-cube mosaic of Spongebob!

Just Launch It: The girls began launching their catapults outside and some of them worked tremendously well!

Wildlife Illustrations: The class took a trip to Aroostook Wildlife Refuge here in Limestone draw some wildlife!

Other activities for today are the celebration of learning, packing, and Penguin’s Got Talent!

Yesterday was Wacky!
Alyssa Sinclair

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday! Lots of fun stuff happening! The camp hosted the Mega 100-foot waterslide, one of there most popular activities here at camp!  And tonight is another one of the most popular activities at camp: Monster Night! Lots of staff and even students have signed up to be monsters tonight.

Girls week one is in full swing!
Alyssa Sinclair

Girls week one is in full swing! Last night was the Penguin Olympics. During the Olympics, the staff have 8 different activities for the families to do, and keep score. The family with the most points wins! The winning family this week was pink.

We have some new classes this week, such as Electronic Fabrics and Fibers, Origami, Intro to Circuitry, and wildlife illustrations!

Intro To Circuitry: The girls are making robotic cars our of circuits and water bottles!

Electronic Fabrics and Fibers: The girls are making wearable electronics! The first thing is a felt bunny with circuits that produce light connected to it.

Let’s Make a Scienster-piece!: The girls did their pendulum paintings today!

Constructive Chaos: The girls learned how popsicle sticks, straws and toothpicks work in different ways, and began to build their bridges! The goal of the bridge is to see how much weight it can hold.

3D Printing: The girls are still working out their 3D designs!

Origami in the 21st Century: The girls are learning the basics of origami, such as how to make a box!

CoEd week was lots of fun!
Alyssa Sinclair

CoEd week was lots of fun! Some of the classes included: You Can Do the Cube, Constructive Chaos, 3D Printing, Lift Off, and Put a Spark in it!  The kids learned a lot of new skills and made new friends!  Some of the activities including swimming, tie-dye, dodgeball, and the waterslide!  During Instructors passion, Ms. Geaghan, Mr. McDonald, teaching assistant Madison and counselor Fox got in on the fun and each taught a class!  The evening activities were things like monster night, movie night, and the talent show! Lots of fun stuff happening at MSSM!

Co-Ed week has come and gone!
Alyssa Sinclair

Co-Ed week has come and gone! The kids have made catapults, learned some sign language, worked with clay, learned lots of calculus and trigonometry, build bridges, catapults and robots, and much more!  The kids are finishing up their projects in their classes as the celebration of learning quickly approaches.
Tonight was monster night, one of the most popular activities of the week. A bunch of teachers, counselors, mentors and other staff become. ‘Monsters’ and  have the kids do certain tasks to get a signature. The team with the most signatures wins! Some of the monsters include: The My Singing Monster, the ASL Monster,  the Cookie Monster, and the Dance Devil. The kids had a blast!

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday!
Alyssa Sinclair

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday! The kids have been having lots of fun! On Tuesday, the kids had activities such as rock wall climbing, tie-dye, and the mega 100-foot waterslide!!

Things are heating up in the classes too!

The Science of Clay:  They also put the “glaze” that they made out of dirt they collected and sifted on the clay! They also used normal glaze on some other pieces.

Constructive Chaos: The kids began building their bridges, the bridges are being made to hold weight.

You can do the cube: The kids began making. Mosaics out of the rubik’s cube. Some kids are making their names, and some kids were working on the mosaic the class is making together.

3D Printing: the kids continue to design away, and get their designs printed.

Calculus in a week: Holy smokes!: Today they learned the product and quotient rule, and worked as a class to solve problems with the rules.

LEGO Robotics: The kids continue to create. Their robots, and figure out how to work  their robots and the program!

Let’s Make a Scienster-piece!: The kids worked on something today called wax resist painting, and yesterday they made their own paper!

Mr. McDonald decided to jump in on the fun and did an instructor’s passion today: 360 video!

Welcome to Co-Ed Week!
Alyssa Sinclair

Welcome to Co-Ed Week! Lots of exciting things already happening!

The Science of Clay: the kids were given their clay, and the did their notation and began the process of glazing!

Let’s Get Triggy With It: The kids were learning about the Pythagorean Theorem!

Calculus in a Week: Holy Smokes!: The kids started learning about lines, and equations such as y=mx+b.

Put A Spark in it!: The kids began learning about magnetism, and how the magnetic field works with electricity. They also learned about conduction vs. Induction.

LEGO Robotics: The kids started building their robots, and began testing them using the program. They were learning how the program works and how to use it to move their robot.

How healthy is your Forest?: The kids went outside with their Summer Forest Guides and observed the trees, and looked at the characteristics to determine what type of tree it was.

Eclipse Explorations: Today, Mr. Berz began teaching the kids all about the sun! They went outside and looked at the sun (safely, of course).

Just Launch It!: The kids began to build their catapults today!

Moneyball: The kids began to learn basic terms in baseball and in statistics, and how the two combine.

Paper Circuits: The kids began designing what they want to do for their paper circuits: what. It’s going to look light, where it’s going to light up, etc.

Let’s Make a Sciensterpiece!: The kids learned about what pendulum painting is, and began to make pendulums of their own!

It’s the last day of classes
Alyssa Sinclair

It’s the last day of classes in boys week 2! Here’s a glimpse into the classes!

Parts and Pieces: The kids took apart things such as laptops, DVD players, types of lenses, and so much more. The boys are learning about how things are put together and where certain circuits and wires go and what they do.

Paper Circuits: The boys were given a small traffic light, and were given a wire to hook to it to activate the lights.

To Infinity and Beyond: The boys learned about e, which is a used to replace a long number is physics and math formulas

Just Launch it!: The kids tested their catapults, and fixed any issues they may have had. They also launched tennis balls from the big catapult outside!

Let’s Make a Sciensterpiece!: The boys were making geometric art, a lot of which looked like illusions!

Moneyball: The boys have been learning how to statistically improve at gaga ball for the last day and a half. They have been changing their strategies and techniques to see what statistically works better for them.

Brave New Worlds: The boys were making and painting paper mâché eggs!


Alyssa Sinclair

IT’S WACKY WEDNESDAY! Lots of fun stuff happening here today!!

Constructive Chaos: The boys teamed up to make bridges and see how many cement bricks it could hold! The one I saw held all of them, and it was made out of a hot flue stick that the boys built around.

Calculus in a week: Holy Smokes!: The boys learned about product rule in calculus, solved some problems together, and had a speed round of problems on the board!

Eclipse: The boys took trip through the solar system, using a red ball as th sun and traveling the solar system through scale. Once they got to “Earth”, The boys looked at the sun with welder’s glass, and discovered the sun and the ball where the same size from where they were standing!

You can do the cube: The boys are working on their Rubik mosaics today! I saw a few completed of the boys names. Very impressive!

Lego Robotics: The boys are working on their robots and figuring out the issues that the robots have, and how to solve them.

Paper Circuits: Some of the boys got their motors running! Super cool stuff, can’t wait to see what they do with it!

3D Printing: The boys are finishing up their designs, and beginning to print. So far, I’ve seen a UFO, a part of Thor’s hammer, a pyramid, and a ton of other cool designs!

Clay: The boys made a historic slip for their clay that will help it to hold water. Super cool and interesting!


Boys Week 2!
Alyssa Sinclair

Welcome to Day One of classes in Boys Week 2!

Lots of fun times today!

During the break time in between classes, the boys head outside and play gaga ball, play on the swings, play soccer, and just take advantage of nature!

Clay: The boys learned about the science of clay and different glazes.

Constructive Chaos: The boys learned new vocabulary and different types of failures

Programming: The boys learned about the program and began brainstorming on the game they were going to make

Get Triggy with it: The boys began learning basic areas of trigonometry, such as the Pythagorean theorem.

Calculus in a week: Holy Smokes!: The boys learned about things like sine, cosine, and tangent, and did some graphing!

You can do the cube: The boys began learning the science behind the cube, such as how many possible combinations a Rubik’s cube has.

Eclipse: The boys began learning about the moon, how big it is compared to the earth, and how it rotates.

LEGO Robotics: The boys began building their robots and brainstorming and which parts to use, when to use them, and where to use them.

Parts and Pieces: The boys are going to be taking apart working laptops! They will turn them on and off, take them apart, and try to put them back together and see if they work again!

Lift Off: the boys began learning the “basics of rocketry”

Moneyball: The boys began experimenting with gathering statistics by throwing magnetic darts and collecting the data.

Paper Circuits: The boys began sketching their designs that they will make out of wire.

Let’s Make a Scienster-piece: The boys began learning about pendulum painting and how to build their base.

This week is going to be a very eventful one full of lots of experiments, fun, and of course, learning new things!


Welcome to Day 2
Alyssa Sinclair

Welcome to Day 2 of Classes in Boys Week 1!! Here are some highlights from the day!

Just launch it:  Today, the boys began building their catapults. They make the catapults out of popsicle sticks.

You can do the cube: Today, the students were working on how to solve a rubix cube. They started learning the algorithm of solving a rubik cube, and applying it.

Lego Robotics: Today, the kids were building and experimenting their bots. They were using a computer to help with the design, then using the left pieces to bring it to life.

Lift-Off!: Today, the boys were launching their rockets. The boys had a blast watching them blast off, seeing how high they could go and trying to catch them.

3D Printing: Today, the boys worked on their designs for the 3D Printer, and some were able to print!. We saw all different shapes, colors, ideas and designs!

Brave New Worlds: Today, the boys created “eyeballs” of clear plastic stones and nail polish, and began designing their headbands! The headbands they are creating are going to be any type of horn that they choose!

In the afternoon, the students attended classes like The Science of Clay, How Healthy is your Forest?, and Paper Circuits. The students made clay, sifted through dirt, made cement, did fingerprinting, and began the process of pendulum painting! Lots of fun things are happening at MSSM!

The last class of the day was Instructor’s passion, which included things such as scale drawing, watercolor painting, making paper airplanes, creating costumes with cardboard and other materials, and a scavenger hunt!! 

Later on in the day, the boys will be having their afternoon activities and the evening program, which is Penguin Cinema tonight!