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Summer Camp FAQs

Co-Ed Capstone Week

The Co-Ed Capstone Week is a new idea. It's going to be a special week with extra activities for the 14 year-olds that will age out. There will be some other special activities for everyone and some new classes just for that week, but the focus will be on sending off the camp "elders" in a special thank-you way. The exact details will not be finalized until we know how many students are coming that week and what the passions of our instructors are, but we are sure it is going to be special

What can you tell us about the MSSM Summer Camp?

MSSM Summer Camp is a unique camp that provides students ages 10-14 the opportunity to participate in fun, hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses. In addition to these exciting courses, we also offer the excitement of a traditional summer camp during the afternoon and evening. Throughout the week, campers participate in sports, crafts, laser tag, rock-climbing and evening programs.

How do campers apply to MSSM Summer Camp?

MSSM Summer Camp’s enrollment process begins with a camp application. A parent/guardian should complete the camp application and set-up a “CampMinder” account online. What is a “CampMinder” account? It is an online portal that, you, a camp family will be able to check throughout the year. It will provide all of the forms and documents that are needed to attend camp. Families will be able to access newsletters and update personal information through their online account. In addition, families will be able to make payments online. It is secure and encrypted to maintain privacy of all personal information.

Where is MSSM Summer Camp located?

Our camp is located at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics in Limestone, Maine.

What if a camper doesn’t like math; can the camper still go to camp?

In the spring, we release the new courses for the upcoming summer session. Campers choose their top choices from a variety of fun, hands-on courses offered each year. There are courses for all different interests and subjects including science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A little something for everyone.

What ages can attend camp? Are there any exceptions?

Our camp program is designed for ages 10-14. In other words, a camper should be at least 10 years of age and no older than 14 years old while they are at camp. We do make exceptions; however, a camper must be currently in grade 4 or higher to attend camp.

What are the dates for the upcoming camp sessions?

Boys' Wk 1 (Ages 10-13): June 30- July 6
Boys' Wk 2 (Ages 11-14): July 7-13
Co-ed/Capstone (Ages 12-14): July 14-20
Girls' Wk 1 (Ages 11-14):July 21-27
Girls' Wk 2 (Ages 10-13): July 28-August 3

When is check-in and check-out?

Check in is on Sundays from 2:00-4:00 pm. Check-out is on Saturdays from 9:00-11:00am.

How long is camp?

Camp is one week long.

Can a camper go for more than one week of camp?

Yes, campers ages 11, 12 and 13 can stay for 2 weeks.

How much is the deposit to hold a spot at camp?

We require a $100 deposit to be paid at the time of registration to hold a camper’s spot. Deposits are nonrefundable.

How much does it cost?

Overnight campers/boarders: your cost is $750 per week.

Day Campers: the cost is $450 per week.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

We accept MasterCard and Visa. All credit card payments must be made through a family’s online account.

Families are welcome to also pay by check or money order.

Checks or money orders should be sent to: MSSM Summer Camp, 95 High Street., Limestone, ME 04750 and should include the camper’s name and session. {example: Jane Doe, Girls' Week 1}

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, we do offer financial aid for Maine residents. Once your online application is completed, you will have an online portal account where you will find all the forms you need to complete for your camper. One of these forms is an optional financial aid application form. Financial aid is determined by a family’s size and yearly income. We use the following guidelines to determine aid:

Summer Camp Financial Aid Eligibility Guidelines

Please feel free to contact us regarding financial aid at 207-325-3606 or at If you would like to contact us to determine if your family may be eligible for financial aid, please have your family size and yearly income ready before calling. A completed financial aid application and supporting documentation (W2s or Federal Tax forms) will be needed before we can allocate aid to a family.

Is there any additional aid available beyond the financial aid that the camp provides?

Each year families and businesses across Maine make donations towards the MSSM Summer Camp. We are sometimes able to grant additional scholarships beyond the financial aid provided. The amount of scholarships that are available varies each year. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that an additional scholarship will be available, but we do our best to meet the financial needs of all families. Many campers have had great success in asking businesses within their area for scholarship support.

Is transportation provided?

A camp chaperoned bus travels along Route 95 stopping at designated spots between Limestone and South Portland for each camp session. Families will receive a transportation form in the spring that allows the family to indicate how a camper will be arriving and departing from camp. Families have the option of selecting the camp bus on this form. The cost to ride the camp bus is $25.00 each way.

What does a camper’s daily schedule look like?

Tentative Daily Schedule 2018

      • 7:30 am Quiet Hours End
      • 7:50-8:30 Breakfast
      • 8:30-9:40 Class 1
      • 9:40-10:00 Morning Break/Recess
      • 10:00-11:10 Class 2
      • 11:10-11:50 Lunch
      • 11:50-1:00 Class 3
      • 1:00-1:20 Break/Recess
      • 1:20-2:30 Class 4
      • 2:30-2:50 Snack in Cafeteria
      • 2:50-4:00 Activity 1
      • 4:00-4:10 Transitions
      • 4:10-5:20 Activity 2
      • 5:20-6:00 Dinner
      • 6:20-7:00 Quiet Time
      • 7:00-8:40 Evening Program
      • 8:40-9:00 Snack and Group Meetings
      • 9:40pm Lights Out

How many campers are there?

There are typically between 92-100 campers per week of camp. Campers belong to a “family” at camp of approximately 10-12 campers each. A houseparent (adult counselor) and a mentor (junior counselor) looks after each family.

Where do most MSSM Summer campers come from?

Campers come from every county in the state of Maine. We do have a handful of campers that join us from other states as well.

Do you have an on-site nurse?

We have a registered nurse on-site who is available 24/7 during camp. The camp nurse can be contacted via cell phone at any time during camp. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all campers.

My son or daughter is struggling in math or science at school; will this program improve his/her math or science skills?

Our summer program is designed to inspire and engage students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our courses are fun and hands-on. Although we delve into depth in a number of science and math areas, camp courses are not like most school courses. There are no tests, quizzes or homework. Campers may gain more confidence in a subject area or my interest in a subject area, but we do not require that a camper achieve a certain proficiency in science or math content in a course.

Can an instructor write my son/daughter a recommendation so that he/she can join a more accelerated math or science path in his/her school?

We are always flattered when families make this request. However, this is not a service we provide at the MSSM Summer Camp. Our instructors see nearly 500 campers in a short period of time, and although they form supportive relationships with campers in the classroom, they do not tend to have the in-depth examples that schools would be looking for in a recommendation. In addition, our camp courses are designed to be fun and inspirational rather than content driven, so our instructors are not always able to describe how a camper might do in regards to understanding and learning math and science content in the traditional classroom.

When will the 2018 course options be released?

Our instructors propose new courses each year. We do our best to offer course favorites each year and to also include new and exciting science and math courses. The course options are generally released by the end of March on our website.

How do we determine which courses campers get into it?

Once we receive all of the camper course selections, we begin determining courses for campers. We go through each campers course selection form and try to place him/her in his/her #1 choice. If a course fills, we will look at who turned his/her form in first. Once all the #1 courses have been determined, we go back through and try to place campers into their next top priority course—this might be #2 #6, etc. depending on which courses filled during the first go-around. We repeat this again to place campers in their third course. Campers who have turned in their course selection forms early have top priority when courses fill.

Camp Sponsors

MSSM Summer Camp Sponsors 2017

  • The County Federal Credit Union
  • Wendy Oblenis - New Charity
  • Pines Health Services
  • MMG Insurance Company
  • Circle B Farms
  • Presque Isle Animal Hospital
  • Big Rock Transportation
  • Gibson Realty LLC
  • Marshall & Ruth-Ann Gibson
  • Cascon, Inc.
  • Maine & Company
  • Katahdin Trust Co.
  • Norstate FCU
  • Hunting - Dearborn Division
  • Ducktrap River of Maine LLC
  • Lane Construction
  • Presque Isle Elks Club
  • Huber Engineered Woods
  • Cary Medical Center
  • Caribou AAUW
  • MCF-Eagle Fund
  • Matthew Cesare Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Elizabeth Reuthe Foundation

MSSM Summer Camp Sponsors 2016

MSSM Summer Camp Sponsors 2015:

  • Bangor Savings Bank:
  • Time Warner Cable:
  • Matthew P. Cesare Memorial Fund
  • MMG Insurance:
  • Fairchild SemiConductor:
  • Gibson Realty LLC
  • Cary Medical Center:
  • Maine & Company:
  • Pratt & Whitney:
  • North Atlantic Energy Advisors
  • General Dynamics: Bath Iron Works:
  • Elizabeth Reuthe Associates
  • Unitil:
  • John M. Eagleson Jr. Institute:
  • NorState Federal Credit Union:
  • Kepware Technologies:
  • Presque Isle Animal Hospital:
  • Cascon, Inc.:
  • Kris-Way Trucking:
  • Hunting Dearborn Inc.:
  • MSSM Summer Camp Sponsors 2014