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MSSM STEM SC Covid Guidelines

Housing - How do you keep overnight kids safe?

The dormitory is the same one used for Maine School of Science and Mathematics. Our Residential Director for the camp is a member of the Residential Life staff at MSSM and knows the ins and outs of the facility. The doors are locked and use a key card system. There are a number of cameras in common areas and around the perimeter.

Dorm / Camp Capacity

Traditional singles, doubles, and “alcoves” will be used as singles. Traditional triples/quads will be used as doubles.

    • 44 single rooms
    • 18 doubles
    • 15 staff in dorms, 55 campers


Campers must acquire a negative COVID-19 test, conducted no earlier than 72 hours before arrival on campus. These campers must bring it with them on move-in day or to the bus pick up locations. Failure to provide this form or documentation of a negative COVID-19 test that is no more than 72 hours old, will result in denied entry into the dormitory or boarding the bus.

Move-In & Leaving Campus

    • Each camper family not arriving on the bus will be scheduled to move-in at a specific time on their designated move-in day
    • Campers will be screened prior to entry using MSSM’s Daily Screening Form. Anyone with a temperature over 99.4 F will be sent to the Director of Health Services for further evaluation.
    • Parents will not be entering the dorm on move-in day during the summer camp check-in
    • Campers with a negative COVID-19 test but experiencing any of the symptoms will be evaluated by the Director of Health Services and a decision will be made as to whether or not they can move in.
    • Each student will have 1 hour to move their belongings into their room.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your move-in time to begin the screening process.
    • Everyone entering the dormitory will be required to wear a mask/face covering at all times.
    • Everyone on campus is expected to wear a mask/face covering at all times in any building. During check-in mask/face coverings are to be worn outside when six feet of social distancing is not possible. This includes within/near entry points when passing other families.

Medication Hand-Off

If your camper is bringing any form of medication (vitamins, creams, over-the-counter or prescription) you will be provided with directions upon arrival regarding how to find the Director of Health Services prior to your move-in.

Daily Screening

All campers will undergo a daily symptom screening. Campers must report to the designated screening location (Veterans’ Gym/Dorm Gym) at their Camp Family’s designated time. Campers will form a line (using social distancing and floor sticker indicators) in the hall adjacent to the gym. If symptoms are reported, campers will be referred to the Director of Health Services for further assessment.

Suspicion of Covid-19

Once it has been determined by the Director of Health Services that a camper is identified as potentially having COVID-19 and their parents will be notified in a timely manner. The camper will remain isolated in one of MSSM’s designated. In the event that the Director of Health Services determines the camper is camper has symptoms, the parents will be required to come to campus immediately to pick up their child. The camper will remain in isolation until that time.

Masks – Will they be required?

Yes, for indoors. No, for outdoor activities. We will not have the pool available this year as it is being renovated, but we plan to have more outdoor activities.

Dorm Life

    • In the few double rooms, roommates may unmask when in their rooms (while attempting to keep 6 ft. distance).
    • Lower Lounge capacity: 25
      • Lounge furniture is not to be moved and only to be used by one person, as is clearly designed/intended, or unless signage indicates otherwise.
      • Picnic tables: 4 campers from the same camp family, or 1 student on each side if from different cap families with school provided plexiglass safety screens in place.
    • Wing Lounge capacity: 4
      • Must be sanitized after each use.
      • Wing lounge furniture is not to be moved and only to be used by one person, as is clearly designed/intended, or as signed.

Academic Classes

    • Camp Families will mix during academic classes, however:
      • Campers within the same camp family that have classes together will sit near each other during class.
      • Social distancing (6 ft.) will be enforced by instructors during academic classes.
      • All instructors and campers will wear masks/face coverings at all times during classes while indoors.
      • Hand hygiene (using hand sanitizer provided in each classroom) before class prior to taking your seat and after class before leaving the room.

Bus & Luggage

    • The pick-up/drop-off locations will remain the same, but other stops will now be rest stops to minimalize contact.
    • The buses are from MSAD 1 and have a 24-camper maximum with one person per seat including luggage. Personal belongings may not be stored in the aisle and must remain in the camper’s seat
    • So please pack light this year!