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Summer Camp 2023

We only have space for ages 10-12 for boys or girls. All weeks for 12-14 have a waiting list.

Summer Camp at MSSM for 2023 is a calculated blend of science, technology, engineering, and math classes as well as traditional summer camp fun. The classes require no previous knowledge and have no homework. Classes run about an hour after breakfast through early afternoon and then we have two activity periods, dinner, quiet time, and evening activities. Classes vary from year to year based on instructors’ interests and are posted in April. When campers arrive on Sundays, they walk around and learn about the classes and talk to instructors and write out their class preferences. They are assigned based on enrollment date.

For the 2023 Season, we will have a major facelift. We are changing software to something that should be more user-friendly and are working on redoing several other parts of camp. The structure will still be four weeks, but even those are changing. The first week will be for boys ages 10-12, then two weeks of Capstone weeks for all genders ages 12-14, then the final week for girls ages 10-12. One issue we had this past summer was having 10 year olds competing against 14 year olds in various activities.

Started in 1997, we have been keeping kids academically stimulated during the summer for a quarter century. For the 2023 season, we will have the two-week option with limited availability during the Capstone weeks. The first and last weeks are only one week each. Two-week campers have the opportunity to play mini golf, get ice cream, play VR, see a current movie, and have plenty of downtime over the middle weekend. All expenses are covered at camp and included in the overall tuition. There’s also a $50 sibling discount if the sibling is a new camper and our most popular, the Refer-a-Friend discount. The R-a-F discount allows you to get $100 off for each new camper you refer to the camp. When they pay the $100 non-refundable deposit, you get $100 off and you can do that up to 7 times for each week your camper is here. See more at Affording Camp

Each summer we hire around 30 seasonal staff. This includes 15-year-old Mentors, 18+ year-old Counselors, and adult instructors. The process begins in November when potential applicants email interest. For new applicants, there is a short essay and questionnaire to fill out. For returning applicants, we will use your performance during the previous year for consideration. For more information about next year(2024), go to Working at Summer Camp.

If you want more information about camp, check out the links on the right side of the page. One in particular is the Mobile Brochure 23. It’s best viewed on a computer or phone. You can also read our FAQs. We are directing people here to find answers before reaching out to us. You can probably find the answer you need and maybe some info you didn’t even think about.

Click here to see a list of past classes. Classes for 2023 will be posted in April.

Registration will open November 14th, 2022. Classes are assigned based on the enrollment date.

Click here for some PDFs of course offerings from previous years.