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Virtual Summer Camp

Live Classes (Free)

Live Classes

July 13 – 17, 2020

(available as recordings)

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Eclipse / Sun Viewer

Learn how to make a large pinhole camera and see an image of the sun or an eclipse safely.

Materials: long box, ruler, yardstick, scissors, exacto knife (be careful), duct tape, aluminum foil, compass (for making circles), scotch tap


The basic setup for hydroponics using materials that are readily available.

Materials: shown in video

Walk the Solar System

Set up a scale model of the solar system in a large field (not your yard).

Materials: balls of various sizes

Solar System in Aroostook County

Follow Mr. Berz as he travels along the scale model of the solar system in Aroostook county.

Materials: your eyes and interest

Various Nature Videos 1

Woodpeckers, Beech Bark Disease, Botanics, Buried Treasures, Snowpack changes

Materials: informational

Various Nature Videos 2

Tree rings, making maple syrup

Materials: informational

Learn to Make Yogurt (Greek too)

Learn how to easily make yogurt and Greek yogurt at home. It’s called “Delicious Science.”

Carbon Footprint

Listen to CJ talk about what you eat and how it affects the environment.


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Basics of Stop Motion Animation

With everyone having phones and tablets, there is a free app that is used to make stop motion animation.

Materials: shown in video

Illuminated Art

How do you combine art with LEDs? It’s simple and cheap and you can make amazing art that lights up.


Don’t buy until watching the video

Picture of a Bearded Dragon climbing on a limb


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Model Rocketry

The basics of model rocketry discussing sizes, altitudes, and engines. We even talk about the “sparrow”.

Materials: shown in video

Rube Goldberg

Who was Rube Goldberg? What did he do and have you ever seen his inventions? This is an explanation of what he made and a challenge for you to make something.

Materials: anything around the house

Build a Paper Airplane Launcher

Paper airplanes are fun to make, but what if you want one to go farther and faster? We will build a small launcher using minimal materials.

Materials: Wood glue, 18 inches piece of 2x8 wood, saw, hammer, two nails, rubber band

The Tall Flimsy Tower

A challenge to see how tall you can build a tower.

Materials: shown in video

Random Lego Robotics parts

Gesture, Perspective, Portrait Drawing

The basics of how to draw.

Materials: pencil, paper, eraser, creativity

An Introduction to Special Effects

Learn the first steps of getting into the CGI and SFX industry.

Materials: nothing, but to pursue it would involve some paid software


Learn how to make one of the summer camp classic meals at home: macaroni and cheese. As a bonus, learn the proper way to boil an egg.

Materials: Recipe shown in video

String Art

A great hobby for the quarantine, learn to make amazing string art using only wood, nails, and some yarn or string. It’s affordable and fun.

Materials: shown in video

Resin Art

Mostly used for super strength glue, but it also has some art qualities. There is a new wave of incredible art projects using epoxy resin.

Materials: Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear 32 oz (Amazon), Nitrile gloves, face mask, disposable cups, newspapers, popsicle sticks (or anything for stirring then trash)

Board Games

Tired of playing other board games? Why not trying to make your own. Here’s a link to a presentation about things to consider:

Materials: things around the house

Making Scenery for Dungeons & Dragons

It’s not only for games like DnD, but that is a common use. There is a growing trend of creating realistic dioramas. This is a basic overview.

Materials: various items, shown in video

Creative Puppet Making

Learn how to use simple products to make large puppets or creatures.

Materials: shown in video

Rubber Mold Making

It's easy to duplicate things with a rubber mold. It's a simple and affordable option and you can use a variety of things to pour in such as wax, plaster of Paris, and even concrete. Follow along as Mr. McDonald creates rocks for making mini scenery.

Materials: shown in video

Tolkien on Twitch

Listen to two English Instructors talk about Tolkien and his writing.

Materials: nothing


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Mean and Standard Deviation

This video defines the mean, standard deviation, and variance. We then use the formulas to find the mean and standard deviation of a sample. There will be discussion around describing the center and spread of a distribution. We wrap up with an optional assignment of using this new information on your own data.

Materials: paper & pencil

Median & IQR

Listen to Mrs. Rhodes as she adds to your statistics knowledge to include the median, IQR, and 5 number summary.



Info coming soon

Materials: paper


Learn how to make a small cube in origami and then challenge yourself to make a larger chelated octahedron.

Materials: paper

Card Tricks

This simple card trick seems impossible, but works every time. Also, two other bits of interesting information about playing cards. One is almost a trick.

Materials: deck of cards


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International Travel

Materials: nothing, just informational

Learning Japanese

A basic introduction to the language and how to count to 1 trillion in about 20 minutes.

Materials: nothing (your mouth)

Lawnmower Maintenance

Materials: nothing, just informational

Language Comparison of English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish

Follow along as Mr. Tasker discusses his love of languages and how they compare and contrast.

Learning German

You’ll be fluent after CJ teaches you everything about the German language.

Maine Water Tour

Follow the Gårdestig family around Maine shores during their summer trip.

Learn Spanish

Once again the multilingual CJ gives a basic introduction to the Spanish Language.

Virtual Tour of the Francis Malcolm Science Center

Follow Mr. Berz, Director of the science center as he highlights some of the features of the gem of northern Maine.